Homecoming Junior: Kali Coxe

Kali Coxe, junior homecoming candidate
Kali Coxe

Q:  Have you ever been in homecoming court before? If so, when?

No, This is my first experience in homecoming court.

Q: Why should we choose you?

I am a very confident person and I also strive to be the best I can be. The best of Garinger High School (GO! WILDCATS!). I aim to prove that Garinger is more than a “hood school”, we aren’t that at all.  I want to provide a positive impact and look upon my class (2015) as well as the school.

Q: Why do you want to be Homecoming Queen?

I would like to become homecoming queen to help change to public outlook on the school. The choice of my running also involves showing school spirit and being proud to be called a Wildcat.

Q: How do you plan on campaigning for homecoming?

To campaign I am using only my word and the hopes of others,  my flyers and friends. Then on the last day of campaigning I plan to have a special treat for my committed voters and for others as well….so long as they vote.

Q: What makes you different than the other contestants for homecoming?

I’m a completely different person than my lovely components. I try my hardest to run an honest campaign and leave out bribery. If it is meant for me to win, then I will.

Q: What would you say to people who think that the homecoming court is only for popular people?

They are completely wrong. I’m nowhere close to popular and I’m not widely known around school. But, I will say I have made it this far and I don’t plan on stopping now.

Q: How will you represent Garinger in a positive way?

Garinger already has a unattractive reputation. I’m smart and I have a positive outlook on others. The encouragement of my peers to show Garinger’s true colors of intelligence, honesty and school spirit, will most definitely represent Garinger in a positive way. I can’t do it alone.

Q: What does being nominated mean to you?

It means beating a standard. Not a lot of people believe I can do this. Also, it is giving me an opportunity to prove that you don’t have to be popular to be a contestant. This homecoming will most definitely open the doors for others as well

Q: What is your favorite thing about Garinger?

I love Garinger as a whole. The campus is beautiful and a lot of positive things are happening here at Garinger High School. However, my favorite is honestly the band, the incredible amounts of school spirit and fun shown through their energy. GO WILDCATS!!!!


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