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225 Killed After Earthquake Hits

225 is the number of people killed in earthquake in Mexico many others were injured. This strong 7.1 earthquake caused many damage to the people of Mexico. This is the 32nd anniversary of the 1985 earthquake that caused killed millions. This earthquake hit hard and damaged homes of many. People are praying for their loved ones to be safe. There’s not much to say about this hurricane just know that it was tragic to families and people who have families in Mexico.

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By Madina Maingua

Hurricane Irma: Extreme or Exaggerated?

Hurricane Irma is the strongest hurricane to have ever hit the Atlantic, but is it really as severe as people say?  Some states in the southeastern U.S.  have  have already claimed themselves a  “State of Emergency.” North Carolina, South Carolina , Georgia, Louisiana, and Virginia are now “State of Emergency.”The Caribbean and U.S Virgin islands and Florida have faced this hurricane and now are in need of help. Stores are running out of  food, drinks, batteries and other things that people may need to survive. People are taking extreme measures to make sure they are safe for the upcoming hurricane. Some are not even sure if the hurricane is really going to hit. But then again it is better to be safe than sorry.

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