Homecoming senior: Kimberly Monge

Homecoming-KimQ: Have you ever been in homecoming court before? If so, when?

A: No, I have not ever been in Homecoming Court before. This is my first time entering.

Q: Why should we choose you?

A: I think that Garinger should choose me to be the next Senior Homecoming Queen 2013. I am patient and understanding and know the meaning of leadership and sacrifice, showing integrity, determination and passion for what I am going to be able to do if chosen.

Q: Why do you want to be Homecoming Queen?

A: Running for Senior Homecoming Queen 2013 is helping me to communicate with new people and build my self-esteem. The role has enabled me to become more confident in who I am, while also allowing me to meet and build relationships with so many of my peers.

Q: How do you plan on campaigning for homecoming?

A: My idea for campaigning for homecoming is by showing my love of baking by making cookies and sharing them. I also will give away Snickers, hang posters in each building and post on social networks.

Q: What makes you different than the other contestants for homecoming?

A: Something that makes me different than the other contestants for homecoming is that this is my first year coming to GHS, yet my last year of high school. I am proud of myself to be here and build my confidence because this is my first time entering. I am a respectful and dependable young lady.

Q: What would you say to people who think that the homecoming court is only for popular people?

A: I think that Homecoming Court is not only for popular people. In my opinion, homecoming is where every girl can participate. Your race and popularity does not matter; it is for everyone to join in. I think that everyone deserve a chance, his or her voice needs to be heard. People may think that the homecoming queens are people who are popular, meaning they are liked or admired by many people. I know that I am not popular or well recognized. I am a shy, timid girl, but I want to break out of my shell and meet new people.

Q: How will you represent Garinger in a positive way?

A: I would like to represent Garinger in a positive way by being a positive role model at school by putting and end to littering, vandalism and bullying. I love giving advice to people about daily life.

Q: What does being nominated mean to you?

A: I’m honored to be nominated for Senior Homecoming Queen because I know it will help me build my confidence šŸ™‚

Q: What is your favorite thing about Garinger?

A: My favorite thing about Garinger High School is it is an historic school with a valuable and interesting past. This is my last year, and I want to cherish enjoyable memories.

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