Upcoming Artist (Self Taught)!!!

Hi Garinger, this is Isaac’s original song that he wrote in his journalism class called “Her Eyes.” I will provide the lyrics below but it will be also in the subscription on youtube.

Copy and paste the link if you can’t click on it.

Verse 1 : Never seen anything like her 👀
Never seen anything like her smile
Yet, they’re the purest eyes👀
That I have ever seen
So hard to resist 🛑 …
So hard like the sky 🌌 over me
Shining bright upon me
Like moon 🌙 and stars ⭐️ ✨
at night………………….
Oh, I try to run away
But it keeps catching up on me
I need to realize……

Pre – Cho : I can’t run,
I can’t hide,
Oh I need you to set me free…

Chorus : Cuz darling,
I’ve been staring at
The sparkle in your eyes👀
But since you…
You don’t seem to notice
The feeling that I get from you
So I’ll try…
Stop running away from you
Maybe tonight…
The stars ⭐️ ✨ ⭐️
Would shine for me and you…

Verse 2 : Cuz you are in my dreams…
And I’ve never felt this way before,
I’m imprisoned
By the thoughts of you
Can’t get you out of my mind …

Bridge : This time……………….
My heart’s ❤️ on the line
But we can lay down here
On the ground……….
Under the moonlight 🌙
I’ll walk you home🏡
Under the stars ✨ ⭐️ ✨

Pep-ing it up

By Dre’Quan Gibson


GibbyGaringer High School is having the first ever pep squad for the 2013-2014 basketball season. Coach Dixon and Coach Coley are the masters behind the whole thing. They plan on having a student section that’s only allowed for students that currently attend Garinger. These students will have to be rowdy and very school spirited; the section will be known as “The Cat Cage.”
Big changes are being made at Garinger,  such as the amazing new gym that was just remodeled, and the pep squad is a great tag-along. In my opinion, this is a good look for the school, a very good way to look past our bad reputation. Every school year comes with a fresh start and this is definitely a fresh one. I believe this is a very swell idea because this supports our basketball team to play their hearts out every game. It will encourage more students and teachers to come out and support our Wildcats, as well as make sure that visitors know that they have just left Garinger and that our students are die-hard fans.

Some people may say that a pep squad is not a good idea because it could cause chaos at the games.  The idea that some students may possibly get in a dispute with another school is not necessarily true because students are expected to be mature and handle themselves appropriately.
So, every Garinger high school student should come to at least one high school and scream their lungs out for the team!

Educación: México vs Estados Unidos

By Jazmin Perez

La educación es un aspecto importante en la mayoría de los países, México y los Estados Unidos no son diferentes. Sin embargo, hay muchas diferencias entre el sistema educativo de los Estados Unidos y México.

la pobreza es un problema grave en México que afecta a la educación, ya que los estudiantes comienzan a trabajar pronto para ayudar a sus familias, lo que hace que cientos de adolescentes dejen  la escuela sin tener estudios básicos completos.

En cambio el gobierno de los Estados Unidos tiene una educación superior y una economía más estable a la de México. Por lo cual las escuelas proveen más ayuda a los estudiantes ofreciendo programas de apoyo, como el desayuno escolar, autobuses y materiales escolares, que en las escuelas de México no ofrece debido a la falta de interés ya que el gobierno gasta en otras cosas y deja a un lado la educación.

El futuro de México pasa necesariamente por la educación. Estados Unidos tuvo éxito, lo ha logrado gracias a que ha invertido en esta área y la convirtió en la prioridad, al contrario la educación en México no es apropiado para el futuro, ya que impide los cambios en las generaciones actuales y futuras.

En educación el reto educativo es formar estrategias educativas que consideren la identidad, valores, tradiciones, lengua y realidad socioeconómica de las poblaciones y regiones que se han de educar.

No podemos dejar atrás que la educación no solo es parte de los gobiernos, sino que desde casa la educación se imparte desde lo básico. México tiene mal apoyo del gobierno, pero también se reconoce que muchos profesores con conocimientos excelentes para impartir las materias y dar a  conocer perfectamente al alumno el reto educativo.

En mi opinión, la educación en México y en los estados unidos es muy diferente ya que los estados unidos tienen el presupuesto para cubrir todos los recursos que son necesarios lo que México no invierte en educación. Pero encontré un gran problema en lo que yo eh estudiado en ambos países,  excelente la forma de trabajar de los profesores en usa, pero los alumnos no aprovechan que nos están dejando las cosas más fáciles, nos dan material con información para poder realizar las tareas, y aun así no cumplen con ella.

En México los profesores tienen una manera diferente de trabajar, ya que se trabaja por competencias, lo que el alumno tiene que buscar la información, y tomar lo más importante para trabajar con su tarea. En conclusión, la educación se debe tomar como la tarea principal para el futuro, y esto lo debemos de empezar por nosotros mismos con o sin los recursos.

Ask Homegirl

How do teenagers nowadays deal with bullying?

How do we handle this situation if we are ever exposed to it?


Home girl has never been bullied so I can’t speak from experience, but what I do know is that bullying nowadays has actually gotten worse. Students feel “Lame” or “Un-cool” because they go tell an adult or their parents. I honestly think what should happen is that the victim should stand up for themselves and not always depend on the adults. Which leads to another situation: teachers and staff at the schools really don’t enforce bullying as well as they should.
If you know anyone being bullied, or witness someone being bullied, be a friend and help out.
I bet they can’t take two on one!
Home girl out!

Movie Review: Gladiator

By Pedro Segundo
Gladiator is an impeccable work of art. It is a movie of such outstanding scope and masterful story-telling that it makes the storyline very classic and admirable. The movie takes us, the audience, on an extraordinary journey back to the coliseum in Rome, Italy.
Maximus (Russell Crowe) is a powerful general, adored and respected by the people, the men he leads in battle and unconditionally trusted by the aging emperor Marcus Aurelius (Richard Harris). After Aurelius chooses Maximus, over Commudus (Joaquin Phoenix), his son, as his successor, a power struggle breaks out between the two. Commodus kills Marcus Aurelius, before the senate hears of Maximus, and later Maximus’ own family. Maximus escapes, but is later captured, sold into slavery and becomes a Gladiator.
Through his bravery and perseverance, Maximus is sent to Rome, with his fellow Gladiators, to perform in front of Commodus. Because of his leadership and fighting skills he wins over the masses. Will Maximus manage to avenge Marcus Aurelius and his family or will it cost him his life?
Today, almost two thousand years later, we may not pay to see people fight each other to the death anymore but we pay them to pretend to do so in sports like boxing and wrestling. Little has changed.
Overall, this masterpiece of a movie looks back on an era of extreme power and reach. It describes what many people actually went through. Even though it’s historical fiction, it’s extremely accurate.