Garinger PTA back on track

By Dre’Quan Gibson and Hydeia Wilfong

The Garinger PTA is back up and rolling.

Garinger High school has not had an official PTA since 2008,  but Ms. Bobbie Mabe is changing that.

Ms. Mabe is the new family advocate and gardener at the high school. She plans to have fun activities for students, families, and staff. Her goal is “to bring the community together and support our students.”

Mabe will also be taking charge of the executive board positions on the PTA, which include President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

Garinger’s new parent teacher association will be open to both teachers and parents.

To further the involvement of teachers,  Mr. Drye, Garinger high school principal, is asking teachers pay a $5 membership fee to wear jeans every Friday in September. Teachers are encouraged to display their membership cards on their room door.

For more information, people should see Ms. Mabe in room 100C. There they can pay their membership fee and learn more about the executive board positions.

So come out, join the club and get involved.

Educación: México vs Estados Unidos

By Jazmin Perez

La educación es un aspecto importante en la mayoría de los países, México y los Estados Unidos no son diferentes. Sin embargo, hay muchas diferencias entre el sistema educativo de los Estados Unidos y México.

la pobreza es un problema grave en México que afecta a la educación, ya que los estudiantes comienzan a trabajar pronto para ayudar a sus familias, lo que hace que cientos de adolescentes dejen  la escuela sin tener estudios básicos completos.

En cambio el gobierno de los Estados Unidos tiene una educación superior y una economía más estable a la de México. Por lo cual las escuelas proveen más ayuda a los estudiantes ofreciendo programas de apoyo, como el desayuno escolar, autobuses y materiales escolares, que en las escuelas de México no ofrece debido a la falta de interés ya que el gobierno gasta en otras cosas y deja a un lado la educación.

El futuro de México pasa necesariamente por la educación. Estados Unidos tuvo éxito, lo ha logrado gracias a que ha invertido en esta área y la convirtió en la prioridad, al contrario la educación en México no es apropiado para el futuro, ya que impide los cambios en las generaciones actuales y futuras.

En educación el reto educativo es formar estrategias educativas que consideren la identidad, valores, tradiciones, lengua y realidad socioeconómica de las poblaciones y regiones que se han de educar.

No podemos dejar atrás que la educación no solo es parte de los gobiernos, sino que desde casa la educación se imparte desde lo básico. México tiene mal apoyo del gobierno, pero también se reconoce que muchos profesores con conocimientos excelentes para impartir las materias y dar a  conocer perfectamente al alumno el reto educativo.

En mi opinión, la educación en México y en los estados unidos es muy diferente ya que los estados unidos tienen el presupuesto para cubrir todos los recursos que son necesarios lo que México no invierte en educación. Pero encontré un gran problema en lo que yo eh estudiado en ambos países,  excelente la forma de trabajar de los profesores en usa, pero los alumnos no aprovechan que nos están dejando las cosas más fáciles, nos dan material con información para poder realizar las tareas, y aun así no cumplen con ella.

En México los profesores tienen una manera diferente de trabajar, ya que se trabaja por competencias, lo que el alumno tiene que buscar la información, y tomar lo más importante para trabajar con su tarea. En conclusión, la educación se debe tomar como la tarea principal para el futuro, y esto lo debemos de empezar por nosotros mismos con o sin los recursos.

Gorgeous gym opens on campus

By Kimberly Monge

This picture is of the new gym at Garinger  High School. The light brilliantly shines on the floor.  Photo by Darvin Ramirez
This picture is of the new gym at Garinger High School. The light brilliantly shines on the floor.
Photo by Darvin Ramirez

The Garinger High School gym is finally open for all students.

Garinger contracted Turner Construction Company and Adams Group Architects  on January 23, 2013. The plans were to remodel the gym, lobby and the locker rooms. Construction started early in February and was finished by the second week of school, for a total of eight months.

I was the one of the first students to get a sneak peak of the whole building before it officially opened to the entire school. This was my first time ever seeing the building from the inside, so I did not know how it looked before.

When I first walked into the building, I entered the lobby, where the old floor was replaced with new white tiles with diamond shapes of the colors navy and royal blue. The ticket booth location has not changed, but  inside is painted  creme and the counters are replaced.

Secondly, I walked into the gym.  The renovation started from the top to the bottom. The company replaced the ceiling and the lighting. The company added two new scoreboards and six hoops. All of the windows are brand new.  There are new royal blue, diamond shaped mats on the wall above the brand new bleachers. The center court floor was replaced because the floor was rotten and the entire floor was refinished to a glossy shine. Everything was changed except the walls.

“I think it is new, it’s unique,” said junior Deshawn Patterson during fourth block gym class recently. “It’s better than last year.”

“It has air finally,” said senior Tishay Greene. Last year it was hot because no air would come in through the open windows. She said that the lights were dim and the ceiling was out of place.

Going out to the lobby, there is a hallway that leads to the boys’ locker room. Blake Dulin, a field engineer with Turner, told me that the company could not change the wall panels because Garinger is an historic high school that was designed by AG Odell Jr. and was considered Charlotte’s showcase high school when it opened in 1959. The only thing the company has changed was covering an unused door so it blends in with the walls.

There is a  firstaid room, where there are two new types of equipment: two whirlpools where the athletes can soak their muscles after the game,  and a lifting machines to help injured players into the tubs.

Lastly, I looked into the boys and girls locker room. Both locker rooms have light sensors, brand new lockers, and showers and updated plumbing.

Hopefully the students will enjoy the brand new gym and locker rooms.

Coach Smith said she feels proud of having a new, clean gym, even though some people didn’t think it would happen.

“It’s the space we have been waiting for. From the floor, to the ceiling, to the lights, everything is pretty much brand new,” she said.

“The automatic bleachers, automatic goals are things that other schools have, and it’s about time we have them, so I love it.”

Farewell & Welcome

By Kimberly Monge

kim1Farewell old Wildcats,

As we all know, our senior Wildcats from 2013 already have graduated. I would like to congratulate them for reaching their goals and succeeding from elementary through high school. Now they are independently making their own choices in life. I wish them the best of luck.

In addition, welcome back returning Wildcats!

We are coming back to a new year with new buildings, new teachers and new friends.

The most exciting part is all juniors from last year are now seniors and ready to graduate 2014. I wonder what we will do during senior year.

Will there be spirit week?

What will be the theme for prom?

Will we have senior week activities?

We should think ahead about our education by doing great in our classes and reaching our main goal: graduation.

Even fresh, new Wildcats coming in this year are welcome here at Garinger High School. Imagine that all the seniors are the kings and queens while the freshmen are the princes and princesses. It is our job to teach the prince and princesses how to behave and be respectful toward others. Meanwhile, as the princes and princesses grow stronger every year it will be their full responsibility to make their own decisions. As they become full grown kings and queens it will be their turn teach the new princes and princesses.

Finally, we should extend a special welcome to our new principal Michael Drye. We are glad to have you here at GHS and thank you for your support and patience on the first couple of days of school with attending to our class schedules and welcoming the freshman.


Wildcat Nation. Roaaar…


Garinger Varsity Men’s Football Schedule – Fall 2013


Date Result Opponent Time
08/23 L  55 – 0 @ Hopewell (Huntersville, NC)  7:00pm
08/30 L 27 – 8 Harding University (Charlotte, NC)  7:00pm
09/06 @ West Mecklenburg (Charlotte, NC)  7:00pm
09/12 @ Vance (Charlotte, NC)  TBA
09/27 @ Butler (Matthews, NC)  7:00pm
10/04 @ Rocky River (Mint Hill, NC)  7:00pm
10/11 Porter Ridge (Indian Trail, NC)  7:00pm
10/18 @ Independence (Charlotte, NC)  TBA
10/25 East Mecklenburg (Charlotte, NC)Garinger Home Coming TBA
11/01 Myers Park (Charlotte, NC)  TBA
11/08 @ Concord (Concord, NC)  7:30pm