Our History

The beginning

Central High School, now CPCC
Central High School, now CPCC

Garinger High School and The Rambler newspaper share a rich history in Charlotte. Today’s Garinger dates back to Charlotte High School, which was the city’s first public high school. It opened in 1909 where Central Piedmont Community College’s Central campus now sits.

Charlotte High students and staff established The Rambler newspaper on Nov. 22, 1922 – more than 90 years ago – in order to report on campus people and events. The school was renamed Central High School a year later, but The Rambler name remained.


 The big move

Elmer H. Garinger was a superintendent who wanted to integrate Charlotte schools.
Elmer H. Garinger was a superintendent who wanted to integrate Charlotte schools.

1959 was a banner year for Central High. That’s when the brand-new Garinger High School opened on Eastway Drive. Central High students moved from their small building near downtown Charlotte to our sprawling, 63-acre campus. The new school was named after Elmer H. Garinger, a longtime superintendent who pushed for racial integration of Charlotte’s schools. Garinger also played a pivotal role in creating Charlotte College, which is now UNC Charlotte.

Cheerleaders pump up the crowd in the Garinger gymnasium.
Cheerleaders pump up the crowd in the Garinger gymnasium.

Showcase school


Artist rendition of the Garinger library, now the 700 building
Artist rendition of the Garinger library, now the 700 building

Garinger High captured national attention for its unique design. The designer was A.G. Odell Jr., a Modernist architect whose notable designs include the Charlotte Coliseum (now Bojangles Arena) and Ovens Auditorium on Independence Boulevard. In 1962, National Geographic featured Garinger as Charlotte’s showcase high school. (Click  to see a photo of the library featured in the magazine.)


 Constant coverage

IMG_1847IMG_1844IMG_1853IMG_1863IMG_1869IMG_1864IMG_1870The Rambler remained the school’s newspaper through all these changes, covering the people, events, sports and issues of the day. It was published continuously until the mid-2000s, when Garinger was split into five separate schools.


We’re back!

untitledThe five schools began the transition back into one Garinger High during the 2011-12 school year. In fall 2012, The Rambler was reborn at www.garingerrambler.com, becoming our school’s first online newspaper. We hope to continue coverage for many decades to come.


The Rambler….it’s a “G” thang!

One thought on “Our History

  1. I reallly did love the school, it was nice to be a student there from 1976-78, I even drove a school bus, for three years, and helped my parents, with the household chores, and worked hard, to complete all of my classwork assignments, in order to be able to pass all of the courses, and graduate. then, I started to work, for a full time business company, in charlotte for a start of my professional career. Garinger did give me the proper skills, I needed in order to find a job, and begin to ear a living, to support myself. It was a difficult decision, to find the right career, and understand what a business was? I was not able to go to college full time, becuase our family could not afford it, but I was not aware of the FIFA, financial assistance, for students, who need financial help for college. Maybe I couldve applied for it, but my parents also did not know about it, or how to apply for government help. I amthankful for all of my blessings, and also the teachers, who had me intheir classes. They have been an inspiration, and guidance, for my life, and I will
    always remember them, in my prayers!


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