Garinger’s first All-American

Tresor Mbuyu scores a goal in the second round of playoffs against Watauga HS. (photo by:tarheelsportsphotography)
Tresor Mbuyu scores a goal in the second round of playoffs against Watauga HS.                                                                (photo by:tarheelsportsphotography)
Mbuyu warms up before the second round of playoffs.(photo by:tarheelsportsphtography)
Mbuyu warms up before the second round of playoffs.     (photo by:tarheelsportsphtography)

By Francisco Gonzalez
Earlier this season, senior Tresor Mbuyu was nominated for Top Drawer Soccer All American team and put on the watch list. On Friday October 24 he was officially named All American, making him the first All American at Garinger and the only player from North Carolina to be on the All American team for 2014. On Sunday December 7 the NSCAA, the official national soccer coaches association, also named Mbuyu “All American.”

“It wasn’t a surprise for me” said David Garrett, the Garinger varsity soccer coach, “Tresor is one of the best players I’ve seen… his passion and dedication make him what he is.”

Mbuyu had an outstanding season, beating his records from his previous season. Last season Mbuyu was all conference, all state, the Charlotte Observer’s Player of the year and had a total of 34 goals. This year Mbuyu earned All conference, All Region, All State, Charlotte Observer player of the year again and All American for Top Drawer Soccer and the NHSCAA. He scored 56 goals in his favor, making him the top scorer in the state.

“Its an honor to be nominated for All American and without my teammates I would have never made it to where I am this season.” Mbuyu takes great pride in his team, he said he knows its not just the individual achievements but the team effort  that counts.

The Wildcats made it to the third round of playoffs this year, the furthest any Garinger soccer team has ever made it. This being Mbuyu’s senior year, he hoped to win a state championship.Although the wildcats season came to a tragic end, as they lost 3-0 to the now state champions Reagan High, Mbuyu said he is proud of what they accomplished.

“I just wanted to finish the season off strong,” he says. With his high school season over and college recruiters on the hunt for Mbuyu, he says he hopes to be in college next year (he has a few offers already), continuing to do what he does best which is “playing the beautiful game of soccer.”

Obama on the Immigration reform

Documented Immigrants
BY:Maralyn Cruz-Ramirez
Friday Dec.19,2014

CHARLOTTE,NC- “We are a nation of immigrants…We are all descended from folks who come from somewhere else,” said President Barack Obama. On Nov.20,2014, Obama announced a new step to fix our broken immigration system. “If you’ve been in America for more than five years; if you have children who are American citizens or legal residents; if you register, pass a criminal background check…you’ll be able to stay in this country temporarily without fear of deportation.” This new compromise has affected many through out the entire nation especially in NC. “North Carolina remains the ninth most populous state for illegal immigrants, and the state ranks eighth in the number of illegal immigrants in its labor force. They make up about 5.4 percent of the state’s work force.The state’s illegal immigrant population peaked at an estimated 375,000 in 2007,” states Barbara Barrett. a reporter from McClatchy Newspapers. Many of these immigrants have American children who go to public schools, Garinger is one of many CMS schools that have students with undocumented parents. Marina Hernandez junior at Garinger is one of the many students in which Obamas’ new compromise has impacted greatly. ” I feel like my parents don’t have to hide anymore, like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and my parents shoulders as well,” said Hernandez when asked about how she feels about this new resolution. “My mom and dad practically grew up here in the U.S. and for them to be treated unequal just didn’t seem right. They deserve equal rights just like any other American,” said Hernandez,”I don’t have to worry about them getting stopped by a police on their way to work or on their way to get groceries and having the possibility of them getting deported to a country they barely know now. Even though it’s only temporarily, it’s just a start and for the mean time, my parents are finally free now.” American students with undocumented parents all over the U.S. now have a chance to build a better future for their selves.They have opportunities now. “Our history and the facts show that immigrants are a net plus for our economy and our society,” said President Barack Obama.


Interested in learning and being around Hispanic culture? Join LASA! The Latin american student association was started last year in 2013 and has been continued on to this year with administrators Ms. Castillo and Ms. Aranda, Castillo being with LASA for 2 years now.  LASA is formed of about 11 people, recently adding 2 new members and ready for more! From going on field trips to Hispanic influenced art gallery’s, or planning school event’s such as the poster hung up in the atrium with peoples hand outlines and sentences written inside of them saying why they are thankful for their heritage. “Anyone is welcomed to join LASA. Just because Latino american is in the name doesn’t mean you have to be to join.” said Destiny Castro, current LASA member. “I needed to make sure Latinos are represented at this school.” Castillo states after asking why she is helping with this club again this year. “Last year I worked with Ms. Carvajal, we were co-advisers. It was a positive experience because I was able to meet students I otherwise would not be able to teach.”  LASA is a fun and accepting club if anyone want’s to join, they meet Tuesdays after school.