Christmas in India

In India there is lot of people who speak different languages and they celebrate  in different ways. In India about 2.3% of people are Christians. It is said the population of India is over 1 billion, so there are over 25 million Christians in India . Mumbai is largest city is India


In India ,not only Christians celebrate Christmas, other religions celebrate it too. But for Christians,  it is a big family day for them  because they don’t celebrate other holidays like buddhist and, hindu do.


In India they Celebrate Christmas by getting together and they get candle in there hand and they sing and dance to worship GOD ( jesus ) in india they celebrate Christmas because is day when GOD( jesus )  was born to earth .

Every year on 25th December they Celebrate the birthday of jesus christ they start before December 25th because they go to there Family House and Dance Sing also they make food for each other and also they worship jesus by dance and sing .

We go every people house how is in they Charter to play Carol and we make food any kind of food and give to all of Charter member that the way Christians celebrate Christmas   .

In 25th of December they all get together again and give a gift to each other

Winter Fun School Wide

During 4th period Ms.Darlin’s leadership development class went in to our Garinger Cafeteria and decorated it for the christmas spirit and they also created a Christmas themed scavenger hunt for both the teachers and students, with exciting prizes for the winners and participants. Photo by Makiya Love.

scavenger hunt

~ Makiya Love

Christmas in Puerto Rico

Christmas (Día de Navidad) is a popular holiday celebrated in Puerto Rico. Christmas celebrations in Puerto Rico begin in early December and continues until almost February. The holiday is celebrated by joyous music and with family and friends and by consuming large amounts of food. In Puerto Rico the majority of people go on Parrandas (caroling). Three Kings’ Day is basically a second Christmas Day for the people of Puerto Rico. Many cities in Puerto Rico host festivals and parades on Three Kings’ Day to celebrate the event. Three men will dress as the three kings and give out gifts to children. All in all, Christmas in Puerto Rico is all about spending time with family and friends and enjoying each other company.

By: Amia Shyree Frazier





Children’s Day in Japan by Jewel

Children’s day in japan is a holiday celebrating children and their mother and father. They have koi fish flags.The big black one represents the father. The red one represents the mother and the blue one represents the child.  This holiday is celebrated on May 5. It also celebrates children’s personalities and their happiness. It is a really popular holiday in Japan.

Koi fish

Christmas in the Philippines


Decorated lit stars in the Philippines

In the Philippines people like to celebrate Christmas for a long time, people can get festive as early as september! The actual Christmas celebrations start on the 16th of December when many people go the the first of nine early morning masses. The last mass is on Christmas day. The Christmas celebrations continue on to the first Sunday in January when the Feast of the Three Kings is celebrated. In the Philippines the early mass held the day before christma is called the “Misa de Gallo” or “Simbang Gabi in Filipino.”  Christmas customs in the Philippines are a mix of western and native Filipino traditions. Because of this people in the Philippines have “Santa Klaus”, Christmas trees, Christmas cards and Christmas carols from western countries.



Filipino’s they have a christmas tradition called “parol” it is a bamboo pole with a lit star lantern on it. It is a very popular Christmas decoration in the Philippines. On Christmas Eve evening Christians go to church to hear the Christmas Eve mass. They then have a midnight feast that they call the “Noche Buena.” Many people in the Philippines stay up all night until Christmas day. In the philippines they are also known to hang lights and lanterns around towns and villages which is a beautiful tradition.



On the Noche Buena which is a big open house celebration with friends, family, and neighbours dropping in to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Most households have several dishes laid out. One plate is “Lechon” (roasted pig), ham, fruit salad, rice cakes and other sweets, steamed rice, and a lot of different kinds of drinks.

Dia De Los Muertos in Mexico

Dia de los Muertos

Dia de los Muertos means the day of the dead. Dia de los Muertos is celebrated from October 31-November 2 in Mexico. It is also celebrated by Hispanics in the U.S. This holiday is being celebrated because this is when Hispanics honor and remember their dead loved ones. During this particular days they are not sad. They are thinking of their loved one in the most happiest ways. This is a very special holiday. This is when they have colorful skeletons. They have altars built in the room. The altars are used to invite and welcome the spirits into the home. On the altars are special foods and also things that their loved ones once liked. The foods that are on their is sugar skulls, Pan de Muertos, a special bread for the season. They also have flowers on it, the name of the flowers is cempasuchil. Some people might think that Halloween and Dia de los Muertos are the same because they both come from death, but they’re different holidays.  So next time when you see a colorful skeleton you will know what day it is. 

-Jasmine Grier