Garinger Varsity Men’s Basketball Schedule – Winter 2013


Coach: Joshua Coley

Date Result Opponent Time
11/19 Hopewell (Huntersville, NC)  7:00pm
11/21 @ Harding University (Charlotte, NC)  7:00pm
11/26 North Mecklenburg (Huntersville, NC)  7:00pm
11/30 Grimsley (Greensboro, NC)  12:00pm
12/03 West Mecklenburg (Charlotte, NC)  7:00pm
12/06 @ Weddington (Matthews, NC)  7:00pm
12/10 @ East Gaston (Mt. Holly, NC)  7:00pm
12/13 @ Butler (Matthews, NC)  7:00pm
12/17 @ Rocky River (Mint Hill, NC)  7:00pm
12/19 Porter Ridge (Indian Trail, NC)  7:00pm
12/27 TBA  TBA
12/28 TBA  TBA
12/30 TBA  TBA
01/07 @ Independence (Charlotte, NC)  7:00pm
01/10 East Mecklenburg (Charlotte, NC)  7:00pm
01/17 Myers Park (Charlotte, NC)  7:00pm
01/18 @ Hillside (Durham, NC)  5:00pm
01/24 Butler (Matthews, NC)  7:00pm
01/28 Rocky River (Mint Hill, NC)  7:00pm
01/31 @ Porter Ridge (Indian Trail, NC)  7:00pm
02/04 Independence (Charlotte, NC)  7:00pm
02/07 @ East Mecklenburg (Charlotte, NC)  7:00pm
02/11 @ Myers Park (Charlotte, NC)  7:00pm

Garinger 2.0

The new classroom building as it appeared in May 2013. Construction is scheduled to be completed in 2014.
The new classroom building as it appeared in May 2013. Construction is scheduled to be completed in 2014.

By Demetri Johnson and Kimberly Monge

Years ago, CMS had a bond referendum to raise funds for several CMS schools in the area.

Well, four years later, Garinger is getting some of those funds.

Turner, a construction company founded in 1902, is building a new locker room and classroom building and is remodeling the gym and football stadium here at Garinger. They will add 15 class rooms to the new building.

Turner started construction after winter break and is expected to be finished by  the second semester of the 2013-14 school year.

However, there are many challenges and many issues that occur when a school is undergoing construction.

Teachers have had to change their parking spaces, the football team has had to work out in the locker-room, and renovations have had to be made.

“There are lots of moving parts, and a lot of adjusting according to new drawings,” said Assistant Principal Leduan Pratt.

The construction has sparked excitement as well as heartache throughout campus.

“I am excited about the physical enhancement to school, I am excited that the kids here will get a 21st century building,”  said  Ms. Mia Smith, a facilitator here.

Even students who are leaving to start their independent lives are excited about this new building.

“It makes me mad that I won’t be able to see the results, but I will come visit when it’s done,” said senior Ashley Galbreath.

No matter the case, the new building will cause positive change here at Garinger.

“I think everybody can agree that improvements are well overdue here at the G,” said Coach Stovall.