Conservatism in Garinger

Conservatism is very hot button issue in our society. We can clearly see it in our everyday life when we go to news outlets to get our daily news. Whether you get into a debate and get punched in the face, then have the media say that you were “allegedly attacked” even though there’s photographic evidence, or whether we harmlessly argue in classrooms, whenever we get into a conversation dealing with politics, we are quick to defend. We state our political stance and are ready to debate with anyone with the opposing view. This happens often in our classrooms.

Figure 1

Specifically, political debates occur in the classes that deal with politics. I did a survey on how students felt about Conservatives and how they felt about their censorship on the media. The survey was taken by students in a few classes that dealt with politics and society. The results of the survey and their implications will be shown further on in the article. The results were shocking but not unexpected since the classes were made up of mostly minority students, and most minorities tend to favor more Liberal Democrats. But nevertheless, these results are shocking since it means that some students may be getting biased news and which will shift their opinion when it comes to how they see the world and how they view those who are different from them.

In Figure 2, you can see how divided students were when it came to accepting their friend’s political point of view. Almost half of surveyed students answered ‘maybe’, which suggests that they will judge their friend’s opinion and if they like it, they will respect it and if they don’t like it, then they will not respect it.

Forms response chart. Question title: Would you respect your friends political ideology if they supported an opposing party? . Number of responses: 47 responses.
Figure 2.

Another question that was asked in the survey was “how biased do you think the media is”, with 1 being very biased and 5 being not biased at all. As seen in Figure 3, most students felt that the media is very biased. And since media is how everyone gets their information from, biased news outlets can affect how the students view politics in general.

Figure 3

Another question asked in the survey was “do you feel as if our country is divided politically because of fake news?”, and the results pictured in Figure 4 show that 85.1% of the students that were surveyed do believe that the media and fake news play a part in how our country is divided. This corresponds with Figure 3 where it was asked “how biased do you think the media is?” because it puts the students responses together. The two results show that students recognize that the media is biased (seen in Figure 3) and that because of that bias, our country is divided (seen in Figure 4).

Forms response chart. Question title: Do you feel as if our country is divided politically because of media and false news? . Number of responses: 47 responses.
Figure 4

Overall, this survey showed me that students at Garinger are aware of media bias and they do believe that it tears our country apart. What we have to do to lessen the effects of media bias is to get our information from various sources because if you get your information from one source and one source only, the news outlet may rearrange the story to favor their political bias. We should also spread more awareness about media bias because my survey only covered classes that dealt with politics but we have to see what others have to say.

Week 13 Senior of the Week : Michael Guerrero

This week senior of the week goes out to AP Honors Mr. student body Vice President of 2018-2019 who is also a member of LASA and also works for E2D. Michael can be seen at many events on campus and also having an optimistic attitude. Michael will be attending CPCC for one year and transferring to UNC Charlotte where he will be majoring in psychology. One of Michael’s future goals is to be just like Garinger’s College Adviser, Mr. Reyes. He wants to be a college adviser and help the high schoolers.

Michael Guerrero best memory of high school was building The Block. Michael’s biggest motivation are his parents. He said “My parents traveled and moved here from Mexico so that I could have better opportunities and an education. I want to make them proud of what I achieve. How heartwarming. An advice he has for the students are Garinger was “always persevere and try hard during your time at school so you can be successful.

Week 12 Senior of the Week : Julissa Aguirre

Everyone has something in their life that they enjoy doing. For Julissa Aguirre AP Honors student that is Band. Julissa is one of the two drum majors in the Blue Funk Sound Machine. Julissa absolutely loves music and hopes to become a Band Director after she attends Virginia State University where she will be studying Music Education and Music Theory.

Julissa Aguirre biggest Motivation is her family. She wants to be a positive role model for her younger siblings. Her biggest accomplishment was going to Nationals as a Drum Major and competing. An Advice Julissa has for the students are “Don’t let anyone get in your way of what you want to do. Smart choices will benefit you in the long run.”

Week 11 Senior of the Week : Ruth Kalume

Most students do not enjoy school but for Ruth Kalume that is a different story. Ruth Kalume is president of National Honor Society and the Senior Class. She also has her own story on the CMs page. Ruth will be attending the University of North Caroline of Greensboro as part of the Honors College program where she will be studying Computer Science and International Business.

Ruth Kalume biggest motivation is her parents and their journey to the United States from Congo. Her best memory was all of the events held with her clubs and having fun with friends and making a difference. An advice she has for the students is “Enjoy the moment and know that making mistakes is okay, but you must learn from them to get better.”

Week 10 Senior of the Week : Tim Shar

Many students at Garinger are bilingual but have you ever met someone who can speak up to FOUR different languages?! Well then that means you have not met Tim Shar yet. Tim Shar is an AP honors student who loves math and chemistry and also known for playing soccer as a part of our Varsity Soccer Program. He will attend Belmont Abbey College where he will play soccer and study math and science.

Tim is driven by an intense desire to be more successful than he was the day before. His biggest accomplishment was being a part of the Varsity Soccer Program and playing club soccer outside of school and with other people around Charlotte. His favorite quote is “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.” An advice Tim has for Garinger students is “Stick to your own goals and stay motivated to be successful for yourself. Don’t be less than successful.”

Week 9 Senior of the Week : Elli Pineda

Giving off a positive attitude and vibe is what everyone needs and want in life. Elli is always smiling and trying to make sure every interaction he has is positively impacted by his presence. Elli Pineda is an honors student on the JROTC Armed Squad and Flag Detail Team and is also Captain and Officer in JROTC. He is also involved in yearbook and does community service. He will be attending CPCC for two years where he will study science and then transfer to with either NC State or UNC- Charlotte to study Computer Science.

Elli’s best high school memory was being involved in JROTC and winning the East side Book Study Competition. His biggest motivation is being able to wake up every morning and knowing he is closer to graduation. He is driving by the desire to make people SMILE! His biggest accomplishment was being named Officer in JROTC and being able to compete and serve the community. An advice Elli has for the Students is ” You should hang out with the right people and surround yourself with people who will make you better and not bring you down. Focus in classes and fins an activity that motivates you.”

Week 8 Senior of the Week : Aimee Moboti

Not many high school students would have started their own successful club, but for Aimee that was a different story. Amiee Moboti began her own club called Lift Every Voice, Participated in the Mayor Youth Employment Program where she earned an Android Development Certification, and is Vice President of the Senior class. Aimee will be attending A & T where she plans to study Information Technology.

Aimee’s motivation is herself and God. She believes her faith is what helps her wake up every morning and get through bad situations. Her biggest accomplishment was working as an intern over the past summer at the Park expo center where she was able to get hands-on job experience before she graduated. Her best memory of High School is being involved in clubs, meeting new people, starting a new club, and being able to help make a difference at Garinger. An advice she has for Garinger students is “Never give up! Take classes more seriously early on. Don’t take life for granted.”

Week 7 Senior of the Week : Mirna Peralta

This week senior goes out to ms. number one, top of the senior class, AP honors student Mirna Peralta. Mirna Peralta will be attending University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on a full scholarship! She will be studying biology and conduct her own research upon graduation from college and eventually earn a phD.

Mirna was the vice president of Be More 2017 – 2018, past junior marshal, involved in WakeUp! Club, MaPP Math Competition Team Member and so much more. Mirna‚Äôs biggest motivation is imspired and and motivated by her desire to make her mom proud. Her biggest accomplishment was getting into UNC – Chapel Hill and being able to conduct research in a lab during her internship with American Chemical Society. Advice she has for students at the G is “Always try your hardest, even when you don’t want to. It will pay off in the long run. Do what your future self will be thankful for.”

Week 6 Senior of the Week : Selena Cortez

Selena Cortez is a honors student who has displayed leadership on campus in many different ways. She wants to be a paramedic while attending CPCC. She then plans to transfer to UNCC where she will be studying to become a doctor. Selena is a varsity athlete playing softball and volleyball, JROTC Cadat, works as an Athletic trainer and is a PBIS Speaker American Graduate.

Selena’s biggest motivation is her mother and all of her teachers who have pushed her to do better things in life. Her biggest accomplishment was being able to be a part of winning teams on JROTC, volleyball and softball. The best memory of High School for her was listening to the Garinger Education Foundation talk to her class about how much Garinger has changed and how much they’ve helped with scholarships and softball donations. Her advice for the students at the G is “Start string and end strong in everything you do at Garinger.”

Week 5 Senior of the Week : Gina Nguyen

The principal at GHS always said to do School plus two. With Gina Nguyen she did more than just that. Gina is an AP honors student who does just about everything on campus. She is dedicated member of the LASA, Yearbook, was stage manager for the Romeo and Juliet performance, SGA member, National Honor Society and so much more. She also does a lot of volunteer work in her community. Her most recent project that she had finished working on was a campaign to help immigrant students have access to in-state college tuition with her LASA team members. Gina Nguyen will be attending the Passport Program where she will go to Central Piedmont Community College for one year and then transferring to University of North Carolina at Charlotte where she will be studying exercise science to become a Physical Therapist.

Her biggest motivation are her teachers by pushing her to try her very best at everything. She had to many good memory in high school to choose from, but she said that she has had the best time working with her friends in all of her clubs outside of school as a way to make an impact. Gina lives by the quote “The only person that can hold you back is yourself.” An advice she has for the students are the G is to “Never give up no matter how many people try to push you down.”

Week 4 Senior of the Week : Elijah Richardson

This week’s senior of the week goes out to a student who perfectly represents the high school students everyone wants to become. He is an honors and AP student, varsity athlete and captain of the football team, past junior marshal, and works part time. Elijah Richardson will be attending University of Charleston where will will be playing football and studying computer science and information technology.

Elijah’s biggest motivation is his family members and he wants to be a role model for them in his life. His biggest accomplishment was being accepted to play football in college with a scholarship and having his own signing day. The best memory of high school for him was winning the football game against the state champion, Harding University High School, during his senior year. He lives by the quote “Do what you NEED to do, so you can do what you WANT to do.” His advice to the students at the G is “Do the hard work first then do whatever you want to do after.”

Week 3 Senior of the Week : Yahiree Zertuche

Everyone has their own talents and hobbies and for Yahiree Zertuche that is art. Yahiree is a wonderful artist who will be attending Queens University of Charlotte in the fall of 2019 where she will be studying animation. Yahiree was a member of the Art Club and Asian Culture Club. She also served as a Junior Marshal. Yahiree Zertuche is an AP honors student with an amazing imagination and great creative skills. Many of her artwork has been on displayed all around the school and also in the Arts Showcase.

Her Favorite quote is “Take time to stop and smell the flowers.” Her best memory of High School was being able to spend time with her friends as a part of the Asian Cultured Club. Yahiree also has an advice for students here at the G, ” Use the most of your time and do not procrastinate. Do what you need to do before deadlines and finish them early.

Week 2 Senior of the Week : Isaiah Lawrence

Senior of the week goes out to Isaiah Lawrence. Isaiah Lawrence is a honor student and JROTC cadet who will be attending University of North Carolina at Greensboro in Fall 2019. Isaiah’s biggest motivation are his parents and he wants to make them proud and be successful in life. His biggest accomplishment was being placed into honors classes and succeeding in them.

His best memory of high school is maturing throughout the years and becoming a better student by having a change in attitude and improving his work work ethic. Isaiah’s favorite quote is “Grow up and move on to achieve better things in life.” An advice he has for the students of the G is “Don’t stress, just live life to the fullest every moment and work hard towards success.”

Chronic Absenteeism Survey

Hello, Garinger staff and students my name is Aniyah Grimes and I’m a senior. For my graduation project I’m exploring ways to make the school system better. One of my main points is attendance and figuring out where absenteeism stems from. Please take my survey to help create new policies that I plan on sharing with admin.


The Block

When people hear Garinger High School they immediately think of dirty and ghetto. Rising freshman are not excited to go to Garinger because of what the news and other people who do not attend Garinger HS has to say about it. What the public do not know is all of the achievements we have accomplished at Garinger High School. A recent and successful achievement that we have done is created a space called “The Block”.

The area before the renovation

The Block is an unused area on campus that got renovated to become a space where everyone can have a sense of belonging and peace. We built an outdoor area, planted flowers and tress, placed a zen garden, added a volleyball net and soccer goals. Students could also play football, frisbee, connect four and giant jenga. This experience opened up creativity, joy and happiness. It did not just affect the leadership development class but to all of the Garinger Students as well. This opportunity allowed us to open up and have diversity in out school. A place where friendships are crested and developed in our school. A place where friendships are created and developed and diversity in a community is improved.

Garinger High School goes against the stereotype that the public puts out about us. We are a school that focus so much on our students and giving them the best education and high school experience a teenager could experience and keeping them active and on their feet.

The Block today. Photo took during A B honor roll celebration.