Garinger students take charge

By DeWayne Brown and Vanessa Robles

Friday (Oct. 4) was the deadline for all students to turn in their applications for student council.

The positions available are secretary, president, vice president, executive council president, executive vice-president, and executive secretary. The students are required to apply through filling up a student government application. Each grade will have their chance to vote for their representatives on October 11. Students that are selected to be candidates  will be campaigning through YouTube.  These videos will be displayed during homeroom or another class.

The requirements for being selected as a candidate for student council are to agree to maintain a 2.0 G.P.A. Good discipline is mandatory to and a zero number of referrals or suspensions. Once part of the student council you must attend to all the meetings and conduct yourself in an appropriate manner.

Mr. Sean Herbert is the student council adviser

Mr. Herbert, student council adviser, said 16 students had signed up as of Friday, Sept. 28 . “It is an excellent way for students’ voices to be heard,’’ he said.

Students will be able to take responsibility and make decisions as they are chosen to fulfill this duty at Garinger. Some students take more importance to this because of their grade level.

Overall student council will help students at Garinger take upon a big responsibility. They will make decisions and incorporate their opinions, which all leads to a great challenge but a lesson learned.

May the best students win.