Chatika Ross: Freshman Class President

Chatika Ross is running for Freshman Class President.

Q: Have you been involved in student government before? If so, how?
A: No.
Q: Why do you want to be elected to student government?
A: Leadership/ Academic Purpose/ Garinger High School Pride and Mission For Success.
Q: How will you reach out and represent ALL students?
A: Attend events for the school, give announcements, visit special events.
Q: What is the advantage of electing you?
A: Strong leader, positive attitude, passion and heart do well.
Q: How much time (in hours) are you able to devote to your elected office?
A: 2-4 hours a week.
Q: How do you think you can help students academically?
A: Share times for tutorials/ Study groups/ Library sessions.
Q: What changes would you like to make?
A: Open
Q: How would you go about making those changes?
A: Open