Always Ready for Your Test


Mr. Anthony's class is now paying 100% attention to their notes. They get ready to take the EOC exam coming up. Photo by Hanh Nguyen.

Mr. Anthony’s class is now paying 100% attention to their notes. They get ready to take the EOC exam coming up. Photo by Hanh Nguyen.

By Hanh Nguyen

 The big EOC is coming up! You have a bunch of papers you need to study. Do you remember all of it? Or, do you want to lie down every time you look at the packet? Do you see the letters dancing?

That means you need to read this story.

I will help you be free from dancing letters and help you pass your exams.

  Lets look back to Garinger’s previous EOC test score. I did research and the results hurt my feelings. According to, a website that shows every single school’s test score, Garinger’s rating is 2 out of 10.

Is it bad? No, it is not. It’s just super bad.

 Let’s change the rating to 8 out of 10, Garinger!. Lets tell everyone that Garinger students are as smart as anyone else. We will change the public’s view about Garinger by bringing our EOC test scores up.

     If you are ready to make a change, I am here with you make that change. Let’s do it!

   According to, “A brilliant student pays attention to all the factors which make him succeed in exams.” These factors are methods of learning, mental approach torwards study, attendance, taking notes, memorizing, and extracurricular activities.

   The super easy way to getting start is to study your notes every night. Do it before you do anything else. It sounds boring, but it works all the time.

You need to put the most important, and main activity on the top. After you finish, go ahead and do what you want. However, please do not start studying on the night before the exam day. You will not remember anything because when you try to do so much, your brain will say, “I’m tired, I quit.”

Therefore, the best way is to study every single day, including weekends. Your brain will feel thankful for your decision. That way, when you faced with the test, you only have to review or read over your notes, get a good night’s sleep, and be ready for tomorrow.

Do you know what the consequence is if you stay up the whole night to study? You will show up tomorrow with panda’s eyes. NO! That is so ugly, and you may fall asleep before you even begin your test. That will kill our effort to make a change for Garinger!

   The method of learning

How do you stick your notes into your memory? If your method is to remember every single word from your notes, then that is wrong. However, it is not too late to fix it. Let’s try out my method!

My method is to only study the main ideas. Use the key words that represent the topic. For example, nucleus stores genetic information, the only two words you need to remember are “nucleus and DNA.” That works very well. Why? Because that is how I study.

In order to test your knowledge, take out a blank sheet of paper and write down what you remember. Then, check it with your notes. The missing details you need to go over one more time. Keep doing it until you can write down every detail.

    Mental approach torwards study

Be focused on your notes; do not let distractions keep you away from your notes. Choose a quiet place to study. You may turn on music to help you.

The Equinox, a newspaper website, has published a story on how your music affects your study habits. If you like classical music, keep listening because it helps you study quickly, and remember the notes longer.

If your music is rap, hip-hop, or country, my advice to you is to keep your room quiet. Don’t turn it on because you will stand up and dance, and that is not what we want. “Music reduces the tension and boredom that are highly correlated with routine work but acts as a distracter for complex mental work,” said Anna Bradley, the writer of “Music While You Work” articles.

  Also, you should not miss any classes, which will bring your grade down. When you are present in class, you might take good notes, and have the opportunity to ask your teacher anything you struggle with. Do not be ashamed to ask questions. That is a smart action.

     After school activities

What do you do after class?  I ask many friends the reason why their grades are not good. They say, “I have aclub meeting,” or “I have basketball practice.” Hey, these activities are not as important as your grades.

First, keep track of your grades in school Powerschool. Second, figure out which class you did badly in. Third, pay more attention to that class, which does not mean you ignore the other classes. Fourth, go to tutoring, and ask your teacher for make up work. It helps you pass your class, and your teacher will be proud of you. You always have a second chance to make up your missing assignments, or failed tests. Use your second chance to help yourself out.

Remember, it is not a big deal for teachers if you fail their class; it’s okay for them to meet you next year. Nevertheless, you do not want to see them once again. Be smart and do as much as you can to pass your classes. It is better to get straight “As,” not straight “Fs.” 


Holocaust Survivor Suly Chenkin visits Garinger


On the left is Holocaust survivor Mrs Suly explaining her background, and also taking pictures with the students at Garinger High School.                                                                                 Photo Mayia Portee

On the left is Holocaust survivor Mrs Suly explaining her background, and also taking pictures with the students at Garinger High School.
Photo by Mayia Portee

By Mayia Portee

This is the story of a remarkable Holocaust  survivor named Suly Chenkin. She came to speak to a group of students November 20 2014 at Garinger High School. Chenkin came by the invite of Nicole Lipp a Civics an Economics Teacher.  She started off briefly explaining where she came from, what languages she spoke, AND how she was affected by Hitler’s cruel actions. Chenkin told the Garinger students that she spoke 5 languages, three of them being English, Spanish, and German, fluently.

Chenkin went on to explain how it was a total of 40,000 Jews that went into the Kovno Ghetto with barbed wire all around and a main gate. And this was were we were all living on August 19 of 1941. Only 5 percent or 2,000 survived, among them was her mother and father. Chenkin said “she is grateful for two miracles that have occurred in her life.” The first miracle was that her mother, father and she survived the Nazis. The second miracle was that, unlike most Jewish families, her family was reunited. The reason why Chenkin and her family were separated was because she had to have completely new identity, new name, and she had to learn a different language. Chenkin’s parents placed her with a lady named Miriam Shulman, who had rescued about 30 children, placing them in safe homes.

I found Chenkin’s visit to be very encouraging and it helped me to shed a completely different light on the holocaust, and what it was like. If anyone has an opportunity to meet a holocaust survivor never take it for granted, and don’t be afraid to ask them questions, Like what was it like, how did the holocaust affect you mentally, how has it affected your performance today? I remember someone asking Chenkin how she felt about Hitler, her response was: “Hitler was crazy and a big bully and that no matter what we should never let anyone dampen our faith, we should be prepared for the bullies of this world.”  I hope that some of you get the chance to meet Suly Chenkin because she is truly an  amazing person towards us all. Chenkin currently lives here in the Charlotte area with her husband. I hope that she will come to speak again to Garinger High School.

Track paperwork deadline Feb. 17


By Luis Ramirez

To all the ladies that are interested in running track this up coming season, please turn paperwork in to the track coach, who is Coach Filmore.

The deadline for the paper work is listed on the paper work which is the first practice of the season.

This will take place Tuesday, February 17th. We will be meeting in LC13 where we we’ll be checking the paper work.

Please remember if you do not have this paper or requirements you will not be able to participate in the sport this school year of 2015.

If you have any trouble to filling out the form, see Coach Neely or Coach Filmore. They will gladly like to help out with what ever problems you are having.

Prom tickets on sale


By Jose Campos

Seniors and Juniors don’t forget to buy your prom tickets for prom.

They are available mornings, in the cafeteria, with Mr. Pinckney.

Prom will be held at the University Hilton from 8 p.m. -12 a.m.

Tickets are $40.00 in February, and anyone who purchases tickets will be entered in a drawing to win a prom accessory.

Update: 2 Garinger students struck by truck


By Kaila Lee

An update is available on the two students injured in the accident Monday morning in front of the school.

The accident involved a 15-year-old girl and a 16-year-old boy. The 15 year old female will hopefully be released today (Thursday) and the 16 year old boy is still being hospitalized with severe head injuries.

On Monday, the two Garinger students were hit by the trailer of a pickup truck on their way to school. The students were avoiding the crosswalk and crossed the street when the lights turned green. The street the two students crossed were at the intersection of Eastway and Sugar Creek, which is notorious for 65 crashes in the last 5 years, and what fatally killed a student about 3 years ago, Brittany Palmer.


On the news, the male victim’s mother said that her son thought the street was clear. The driver is not being charged against the accident of both the students.