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How do teenagers nowadays deal with bullying?

How do we handle this situation if we are ever exposed to it?


Home girl has never been bullied so I can’t speak from experience, but what I do know is that bullying nowadays has actually gotten worse. Students feel “Lame” or “Un-cool” because they go tell an adult or their parents. I honestly think what should happen is that the victim should stand up for themselves and not always depend on the adults. Which leads to another situation: teachers and staff at the schools really don’t enforce bullying as well as they should.
If you know anyone being bullied, or witness someone being bullied, be a friend and help out.
I bet they can’t take two on one!
Home girl out!

Ask Homegirl

Welcome to our first question of the year! Don’t forget if you have a question to ask drop it off in Mrs. Lemere’s class in room 118. This is totally anonymous. Remember use a nickname when asking questions! We can’t wait to get more questions! Now here is our first question…



Q:           One of my good friends is trying to go out with the same girl I want to hook up with, how do I handle this?


A:            First of all you need to talk to you friend about how you feel. You also need to listen to how your friend feels. Once you guys know how the both of y’all feel come to an agreement. Set some ground rules.

Now you need to figure out if the girl even likes you. Why try fighting for a girl that has no interest in you? Exactly: there is no point! If she doesn’t like you try and make her like you. Charm her. If she does like you make her like you more! Try and be fair.

At the end of the day it’s her choice. Whatever her choice may be, respect it. If she is not yours don’t get mad, but if she is yours treat her right. Hope this helps!