Communities in Schools

By Vianny Regalado
Ms.Carvajal, coordinator of Communities in Schools, has been meeting with students and talking to them about college.
The goals of Communities in Schools are to surround students with a positive community of support, and to motivate them to strive be something in life. Students get in the program based on their grades, if they need support with college or problems with immigration, and through teacher/counselor referrals. Once they are accepted into the program, their parents have to sign a consent form.
Carvajal. loves her job as a bilingual site coordinator at Garinger.
“It feels great, I enjoy talking to students to help them and guide them to make decisions that will benefit them and become successful,” she said.
She also has been planning field trips.
The first CIS field trip was to Queens University of Charlotte in October. The students went to see how the college is inside and outside and what type of careers they are interested in. The next field trip is going to be Dec. 20 to volunteer at Winterfield Elementary after school.
So if you are interested in CIS, go to Ms.Carvajal’s office in 200 building office during lunch or after school.

Garinger alumni comes clawing back

By D’Asia Jackson
The Rambler
Garinger held an alumni homecoming event for the former graduates on Friday, October 12th 2012. The event was 9 – 10 a.m. in the lower level of the media center. It dealt with past graduates of Garinger coming together and reminiscing about the good times they had here. There were a total of three alumni present: Amanda Baker, Jack Braeborn , and Charles Dickerson.
Amanda Baker is the security officer Mr. Baker’s daughter. She was the highest rank in her ROTC class, she was a cheerleader, and she was very social, saying she was “always involved in school activities.” Baker, who graduated in 1999, told the seven students that“High School is supposed to be the best four years of your life.” She went on to tell them how getting involved in your school is important, and to always make sure you participate and enjoy yourself.
Jack Braeborn class of 1976, was very determined in enforcing his motto “Starts with a small effect” which means change has to start somewhere. He went on to tell students that even though there are only three active alumni, they hope to recruit more by next year. He told the students that when he began to get back involved in Garinger he only saw negative stories on the news. He was upset at the thought of his former school always in controversy about how “bad” it is. He went on to say “I tried to show them the reality of the G”. He ended his talk with “a little bit is more than nothing.”
Charles Dickerson was the most excited about making Garinger’s alumni “come alive”. He graduated in 1973 from Olympic High School, and began teaching at Garinger in 1985. He told students about his 38 years of experience in Charlotte, including J.T Williams, Garinger, West Meck , and Olympic . “I’m in love with Garinger,” he told students, throwing out various sayings to get everyone motivated in school activities, such as “Wildcat network to success.” Overall, Mr. Dickerson is happy to be a part of the Garinger experience.
Meanwhile, seven choral students sang the alma mater. They also told their experiences at Garinger , and how they’re also glad to be Wildcats. Other people that were included in the alumni event were Mr. Patel, who is the coordinator of the Fresh mentor program. He says the program will help students graduate in 4 years, excel in academics, and build a social career. The program is one upperclassman given or assigned a group of 5-8 freshmen. He said students need to be “more involved, more aware.” Jeremiah a student of chorus, and a mentor in the program, said the program makes sure “everybody was prepared” and “prepares you for sophomore year.”
The alumni left everyone with these thoughts: “Wild Cat Love”, “Leading you to success.”
Alumni who would like to get involved should contact Mr. Dickerson at
For details about the Fresh mentor program, contact Mr. Patel.