Born to play

Tresor Mbuyu
Tresor Mbuyu

By Vanessa Robles

As early as he can remember, he’s been touching a soccer ball.

His parents are proud of him and his dad attends every soccer game he can.

Throughout his life he’s been asked to go play in Europe, and he is only at an age of 16.

Playing as forward in his past and present teams, Tresor Mbuyu has always has of luck of scoring goals. Tresor says he doesn’t know what motivates his goals, he just scores them.

Coming from Congo at an age of 13, he started playing soccer there and still continues playing so he can grow in skill.

As of now, Tresor attends an academy named One7, where he has been honored to travel and play in  such games as the regionals in Virginia and nationals in Chicago.

Garinger High is the school Tresor attends. The school has also given him an opportunity to play in the school team.

“If I had to choose between school and soccer, I’d choose soccer,’’ claims Tresor. As a junior, he is close to graduation and plans to play college soccer. Tresor is not decided on what college he wants to attend but he’s sure that he wants to make it to college.

His favorite player, a Brazilian named Lucas Moura Rodrigues, is also a part of his inspiration.

At the end of a game, Tresor’ s dad gives him words of inspiration, such as “you did great, I’m proud of you son,” and that is what touches him the most, Tresor said.. The emotion after each win touches Tresor as well as his coaches, family and friends.

‘’It simply did not take countless hours of training, money, extra time, etc… For me to be a good player somehow I learned all about life and the game with a ball at my feet,’’ he said.

Soccer streak still in effect

First row, from left , Couch Kyle hunt , 6. Christian Ortiz, 11. Hussein Arsene , 00. Francisco Gonzales, 20. Jesus Ramos, 1. Erick Ortiz, 10. Tresor Mbuyu ©, Couch David Garrett, Second row, from left , 12. Juan David Vanegas, 5. Sergio Alvarado-Garcia, 3. Juan Carlos Ramirez, 9. Ruben Patino, 7. Jose Vanegas Cruz , 15. Eduardo Morales, 13. Shalom Dutey 4. Oscar Castro
First row, from left: Coach Kyle Hunt,  6. Christian Ortiz, 11. Hussein Arsene , 00. Francisco Gonzales, 20. Jesus Ramos, 1. Erick Ortiz, 10. Tresor Mbuyu, Coach David Garrett. Second row, from left: 12. Juan David Vanegas, 5. Sergio Alvarado-Garcia, 3. Juan Carlos Ramirez, 9. Ruben Patino, 7. Jose Vanegas Cruz, 15. Eduardo Morales, 13. Shalom Dutey 4. Oscar Castro

The Garinger Wildcats soccer team won Wednesday’s (Oct. 9)away conference game against Porter Ridge by a score of 3-2.

The Wildcats were losing during the first half 2-0.

Their comeback began in the second half in the last 10 minutes.

Shalom Dutey   scored the  first goal,  Jose Vanegas  score the second, and Tresor Mbuyu scored the winning goal in the last minute of the game, giving the Wildcats another victory to take home.

Overall, he Garinger Wildcats men’s soccer team has had an amazing season so far. The  team has won every match that they have played.

Goalkeeper Francisco Gonzalez has shut out all but 11 balls. The offense has scored a total of  110 goals.

the last game wildcats played at East Meck the score was 6-3. Wildcats was winning first half of the game 4-1 and second half East Meck score two goals. but the game wwasn’t over Tresor he come in and he score two amazing goals and garinger take the victor home.

The Wildcats also are ranked 13th nationally, eighth in state rankings 3 and first in NC Class 4A, according to

The Wildcats’ next game is 6 p.m.   (Oct. 21) at Myers Park.


Date Result Opponent Time
08/19 W 5 – 0 Hopewell (Huntersville, NC) 5:30pm
08/22 W 5 – 0 @ Hickory (Hickory, NC) 6:00pm
08/24 W 7 – 0 Hickory Ridge (Harrisburg, NC) 4:00pm
08/26 W 4 – 0 West Mecklenburg (Charlotte, NC) 5:30pm
08/28 W 6 – 0 @ Vance (Charlotte, NC) 5:30pm
09/03 W 9 – 0 Sun Valley (Monroe, NC) 5:30pm
09/04 W 9 – 0 Harding University (Charlotte, NC) 5:30pm
09/09  W 4-0 @ Butler (Matthews, NC) 6:00pm
09/10  W 9-0 @ North Mecklenburg (Huntersville, NC) 6:30 pm
9/11 W 10-1 Rocky River (Mint Hill) 6:30 p.m
9/16 w 6-1 @Porter Ridge 6:00 p.m
9/18 W 2-1 @Independence 6:00pm
9/23  w 3-1 @East Mack 6:00pm
9/25  w 4-1 @Myers park 6:00pm
10/02  w 4-2 Butler (Matthews, NC) 6:00pm
10/04  w 4-2 @ Central Academy (Monroe, NC) 6:30pm
10/7  w 8-0 Rocky River 6 p.m.
10/9  W 3-2 @ Porter 6 p.m.
10/14  w 2-1 @ Independence 6 p.m.
10/16  W 6-3 @ East Mecklenburg 6 p.m.
10/21 @ Myers Park (Charlotte, NC) 6:00pm


Coaches:  David Garrett, Kyle Hunt

# Name Position Grade

Francisco Gonzalez

GoalKeeper Jr.

Oscar Castro

Defender So.

Sergio Alvarado Garcia

Defender Sr.

Christian Ortiz

Midfielder So.

Jose Vanegas

Forward Sr.

Juan Ramirez

Midfield, Forward Sr.

Ruben Patino

Midfielder So.

Tresor Mbuyu (C)

Forward Jr.

Hussein Arsene

Forward Sr.

Juan David Vanegas

Midfielder Jr.

Eduardo Morales

Defender Sr.

Juan Carlos Ramirez

Defender So.

Shalom Dutey

Midfielder So.

Erick Ortiz

Midfielder Fr.

Jesus Ramos Beltran

GoalKeeper Fr.


Garinger Varsity Men’s Football Schedule – Fall 2013


Date Result Opponent Time
08/23 L  55 – 0 @ Hopewell (Huntersville, NC)  7:00pm
08/30 L 27 – 8 Harding University (Charlotte, NC)  7:00pm
09/06 @ West Mecklenburg (Charlotte, NC)  7:00pm
09/12 @ Vance (Charlotte, NC)  TBA
09/27 @ Butler (Matthews, NC)  7:00pm
10/04 @ Rocky River (Mint Hill, NC)  7:00pm
10/11 Porter Ridge (Indian Trail, NC)  7:00pm
10/18 @ Independence (Charlotte, NC)  TBA
10/25 East Mecklenburg (Charlotte, NC)Garinger Home Coming TBA
11/01 Myers Park (Charlotte, NC)  TBA
11/08 @ Concord (Concord, NC)  7:30pm

Garinger Varsity Men’s Basketball Schedule – Winter 2013


Coach: Joshua Coley

Date Result Opponent Time
11/19 Hopewell (Huntersville, NC)  7:00pm
11/21 @ Harding University (Charlotte, NC)  7:00pm
11/26 North Mecklenburg (Huntersville, NC)  7:00pm
11/30 Grimsley (Greensboro, NC)  12:00pm
12/03 West Mecklenburg (Charlotte, NC)  7:00pm
12/06 @ Weddington (Matthews, NC)  7:00pm
12/10 @ East Gaston (Mt. Holly, NC)  7:00pm
12/13 @ Butler (Matthews, NC)  7:00pm
12/17 @ Rocky River (Mint Hill, NC)  7:00pm
12/19 Porter Ridge (Indian Trail, NC)  7:00pm
12/27 TBA  TBA
12/28 TBA  TBA
12/30 TBA  TBA
01/07 @ Independence (Charlotte, NC)  7:00pm
01/10 East Mecklenburg (Charlotte, NC)  7:00pm
01/17 Myers Park (Charlotte, NC)  7:00pm
01/18 @ Hillside (Durham, NC)  5:00pm
01/24 Butler (Matthews, NC)  7:00pm
01/28 Rocky River (Mint Hill, NC)  7:00pm
01/31 @ Porter Ridge (Indian Trail, NC)  7:00pm
02/04 Independence (Charlotte, NC)  7:00pm
02/07 @ East Mecklenburg (Charlotte, NC)  7:00pm
02/11 @ Myers Park (Charlotte, NC)  7:00pm

Wildcat baseball struggles to score

Ma'Lik Berginer stands in front of Garinger's baseball field. Photo by Demetri Johnson.

By Ma’Lik Berginer
Baseball has been a struggle at Garinger High School.
For the past four years we have won a total of 14 baseball games. Year after year it has been loss after loss.
At times, we were led to believe that it was the players who were disobedient and disrespectful. But that wasn’t the case. Since I arrived at Garinger when I was a sophomore, I have realized many things. I witnessed some coaches who didn’t want their players to succeed, some teachers who wouldn’t teach and much more.
The sad part about the start of this season is the fact that we did not get a coach until four days before our first game, and we had a total of three practices.
That is not fair when there are other teams who have been practicing all year to prepare, yet we have three days to get it together.
Coach Lorenzo Graves said he saw “some hard working players who give their all…I hope the best for them.”
Next year, he plans to start training early.
“We will win. Best believe that,” he said.
Yes, the odds have been stacked against students who go to Garinger High School, especially sports wise, but I also have seen athletes make it out of here and become something great.
Take me for example. I’m going to N.C. State as a red-shirted walk-on for the football team. Darius Dobson is going to Wingate University, Kemmi Pettway is going to UNC Chapel Hill and Donquarious Howie is going to UNC Charlotte.
In the future, I think Garinger students will have a better chance at success. Maybe not this year, maybe not next year but in four years it will become a completely different environment here at Garinger High School.
I see the change happening now, so I look forward to seeing what’s next.
I hope it all changes for the best.

From struggle comes strength: Wildcat football

By Demitri Johnson and Yahya Abdur-Razzaq

In the past four years, the Wildcat football team has won 12 out of 40 games, has had four different head coaches, and just last season fell 0-9.
Many people believe that the Wildcat football program is a joke; other teams tend to schedule them for homecoming in order to have an easy win.
Well, this upcoming season, they plan to turn that around.
The Wildcats are lead by coaches Alston (Head Coach), Pope (Asst. Head Coach), Stovall (Offensive coordinator), and Brumfield, Neeley, Scott and Jordan (DB and Line coaches), who all have a strong ambition for winning.
They are trying to change the morale here at Garinger.
“We must have structure, discipline, commitment, effort, knowledge, courage, wisdom and intensity in order to become a winning program,” Coach Pope said.
The Wildcats are not only concerned about winning games; they are also concerned about the community and establishing more school sprit here at Garinger.
“We plan to have cookouts and raffles to get more people in the stands,” Pope explained.
The one advantage that this team has is that it has a good core group of players returning, mostly lineman that plan to have a major impact.
Lineman who were the Achilles heel of the team last year plan to turn that around this season.
The Wildcats have a bad taste in their mouth, one that they will never forget and hope to never taste again.
Will this be the season that the Wildcats turn it around, or will it just be another fail?

If you want to be part of the positive change on the football field, the team holds practice every Monday through Thursday after school. The coaches ask that you have your grades intact and come ready to work.

The woman behind Kemmi’s success

Kemmi Pettway poses for camera as the sun hits his face

By Pedro Segundo
“It’s very easy to work hard when you’ve got someone pushing you,” said Kemmi Pettway.
From a very early age, Kemmi has been pushed: pushed by life, pushed by his coaches, but most importantly, pushed by his mother.
His mother is the person who always saw something special in him, the person who would push him to be better than the rest and the person who would motivate him at the hardest of times.
From a very early age, Kemmi saw struggles in life, and everything he has experienced and gone through is what defined his character and the person he is today.
Kemmi, 18 and a senior at Garinger, remembers when his mother took him to work with her. He remembers when he had to spend eight hours waiting in the booths while his mother worked in a fast food restaurant.
His mother bought him the first football he ever owned.
“She always pushed me to be better than the rest, not just average,” Kemmi recalled recently. Even when things were not looking good for him, at times when he felt like giving up, he never did because his mother motivated to keep going, to keep trying and not give up.
That perseverance has finally paid off. Earlier this year, Kemmi was accepted to UNC Chapel Hill, where he will play football and major in business. The Charlotte Observer featured his successes in a Sunday article in February, explaining how a recruiter visited Garinger to sign him on.
Being recognized on the field – and in the media – were two of Kemmi’s long term goals.
Education, however, always comes first.
“School is my priority; football was just a way for me to get into college without having to worry my mom about college loans,” he said.

His mother is still paying her college loans to this day.
To put it simple, his mother is his role model because she pushed him to be what he is today. Now that he is off to Carolina, his motto is “Work hard or stay home.”