The Block

When people hear Garinger High School they immediately think of dirty and ghetto. Rising freshman are not excited to go to Garinger because of what the news and other people who do not attend Garinger HS has to say about it. What the public do not know is all of the achievements we have accomplished at Garinger High School. A recent and successful achievement that we have done is created a space called “The Block”.

The area before the renovation

The Block is an unused area on campus that got renovated to become a space where everyone can have a sense of belonging and peace. We built an outdoor area, planted flowers and tress, placed a zen garden, added a volleyball net and soccer goals. Students could also play football, frisbee, connect four and giant jenga. This experience opened up creativity, joy and happiness. It did not just affect the leadership development class but to all of the Garinger Students as well. This opportunity allowed us to open up and have diversity in out school. A place where friendships are crested and developed in our school. A place where friendships are created and developed and diversity in a community is improved.

Garinger High School goes against the stereotype that the public puts out about us. We are a school that focus so much on our students and giving them the best education and high school experience a teenager could experience and keeping them active and on their feet.

The Block today. Photo took during A B honor roll celebration.

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