Christmas in India

In India there is lot of people who speak different languages and they celebrate  in different ways. In India about 2.3% of people are Christians. It is said the population of India is over 1 billion, so there are over 25 million Christians in India . Mumbai is largest city is India


In India ,not only Christians celebrate Christmas, other religions celebrate it too. But for Christians,  it is a big family day for them  because they don’t celebrate other holidays like buddhist and, hindu do.


In India they Celebrate Christmas by getting together and they get candle in there hand and they sing and dance to worship GOD ( jesus ) in india they celebrate Christmas because is day when GOD( jesus )  was born to earth .

Every year on 25th December they Celebrate the birthday of jesus christ they start before December 25th because they go to there Family House and Dance Sing also they make food for each other and also they worship jesus by dance and sing .

We go every people house how is in they Charter to play Carol and we make food any kind of food and give to all of Charter member that the way Christians celebrate Christmas   .

In 25th of December they all get together again and give a gift to each other

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