Interview with Makiya

Screenshot_2017-11-05-00-28-47  I’m  with Makiya love.  I’m interviewing her about being an athletic trainer. Makiya says that she helps take care of the injured players and get their water. Her look for an athletic trainer is to dress up on game days . when they have banquets she goes to them. So when they have out of town events. They get shirts to represent the team and school. they get the opportunity to meet other athletic trainers and coaches. She is there for all the sports like basketball, football, softball, volleyball, track. Makiya wanted to be an athletic trainer because she likes to care for others and to help others in need. In 10th grade, she was recruited from coach Cadewell to be an athletic trainer for girls and boys teams. she liked it ever since.She said she does see herself in the future doing this as her career. She wants to go to Appalachian State or the University of Georgia. she said she wanted to be an athletic trainer for football in the future. ThAT’S HER DREAM!!!


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