Halloween in Canada

halloween2aMost people in Canada are very into the holiday of Halloween. People put a lot of effort into decorating their homes, yards and much more. Some may even create life-size replica graveyards or dungeons and invite people from the neighborhood to view their decorations or have have Halloween parties. Other people may organize fancy dress parties for adults or children.

Many children just like in the United States go out to trick-or-treat. They dress up as  different characters from TV shows and movies and visit homes in their neighborhood to collect candy from anyone who’s participating.

Children also take part in a long-standing Canadian tradition of “Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF”. Pumpkin-carving contests, pumpkin art tours, a reading marathon, and symbolic Walks for Water are just a few examples of the educational and fundraising activities schools and children develop to help provide thousands of children developing countries with basic quality education.

Halloween in Canada is very similar to Halloween in the United Sates. There is hardly anything different about the way we both celebrate Halloween. -Ty’Quirra Mayo


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