NHS Students go to Shamrock Gardens for Dr. Seuss Day


By Daniela Ramirez

Members of the National Honor Society celebrated Dr. Seuss day by planning a day of reading and activities for first graders at Shamrock Gardens Elementary.

The students read books like The Lorax and The Cat and the Hat and had the first graders do activities like making trees and mustache cutouts.  Members of NHS got to leave right after third block to walk over to the elementary school and split up to cover two first grade classes.

The first graders seemed very excited to be able to interact with high school students and participate in the activities planned for them.




Garinger student’s favorite class

Favourite Classes in High School

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My favorite class so far during this second semester would be my PE Class at my 4th Block.

I really like that class because of so many reasons, they are the following:

  • My classmates are very friendly and they are easy to get along within a short period of time.
  • And I have my close friends over there.
  • That class is easy and you don’t have to do that much work, we just do a couple of power points and take some notes.
  • We never have homework or assignments.
  • The tests are super easy.
  • And the projects are easy and interesting as well.
  • On every Friday we have a free time and also we can go out to the soccer field and play soccer and walk around the soccer field.
  • And sometimes on our free time on the weekdays, we also watch some movies and can be on our phones.
  • And we have class parties and snacks days especially when all the class behaves good and when we all do well in our Tests.
  • The final reason that i like that class is that some of cute boys are in there and they like me.


Why i don’t think that all the other Classes are not much fun like the P.E Class?
I think that my other three classes are not as much fun as my P.E Class is because of so many reasons that i already included as above:

  • There are many works in the other classes, like class-works, assignments, projects and hard tests.
  • And the classes are long,boring and hard.
  • In other classes there are not lots of free time and going out that much.
  • There are no time to be on phones and snack times and party times, no fun time only working hard every time which makes some people complicated and tired.
  • And also because of peers and friends .
  • If we don’t work hard in other classes the grades can drop down to a D.


   Topics that we learn about in P.E Class


We learned about some of the healthy foods, behaviour and depression types.


For example:- Like to eat more healthy foods and homemade food rather than junk foods like chocolate, KFC,McDonald’s, chip and artificially made juice. It makes your body more productive and active throughout the day and makes you more healthy.


Examples of Healthy Foods and Homemade Foods


Examples of Unhealthy and Junk Foods


And the other topic is about Sanitary Conditions and Depression.

For example like


Major Depression which is a mental disorder which is characterized by at least two weeks of low mood that is present across most of the situations. It is often accompanied by low-self esteem and negative point of view of yourself, lost of interest in normally enjoyable daily activities, low energy, and feeling pains without a clear cause.


Situational Depression is a depression that can occur in the aftermath of various traumatic changes in your own life, which includes divorce with your husband or wife, retirement, get fired from job or loss of a job, death of a relative or close friend. Doctors sometimes refer to the conditions as an adjustment disorder.


And right now we are learning about Food Chart/Pyramids, and i think that it’s easy, interesting and important to know as knowledge about foods.


So this is the end of my description and explanation of My Favourite Class in High School so far. Thanks for enjoying My Story that is written by myself.


By the author of this Story – Esther Siang


       Thanks You to You All!!!!!