Garinger’s Foreign Exchange

Garinger High School has it’s very own Exchange Student who’s from Rome Italy.  His name is Francesco Riga  and he is currently a senior. Robert Davis and I interviewed him and he told us all about his home, his culture  and his friends all the way across the globe, we were quite shocked at the simliarties we shared ! Check out our interview with Garinger’s Newest wildcat down below

  • What is like in Italy?

” It’s very fun and the people there are very friendly. It’s a lot of structures and moments there and it is always filled with tourists.”

  • What do you do for fun in Italy?

” I play guitar and hang out with my friends. Sometimes we play soccer or we go and get coffee, whatever we do we always have fun doing it. ”

  • How is it different here from Italy ?

” I was quite surprised in how the people here act, I thought people here were going to be friendly and welcoming but that was far from it. The people here at the beginning may seem a bit detached, but when you really know it are very nice and sociable.”

  • Yeah i totally agree, Americans at beginning are not so friendly, but how is the food pizza to be exact?

” The food here  isn’t so good, the pasta here is horrible. At home we eat dinner around  8ish and I was surprised because here in AMerica you guys consider that late. But at home my grandmother cooks and I love when she cooks pasta, it’s very delicious. As far the pizza back home it’s very good.”

  • I love the pasta here, so i can only imagine what the pasta in Italy tastes like, but growing up in Italy what t.v. shows did you watch, did you watch Disney Channel?

“Yeah I watched Disney Channel, I loved Zack and Cody, Brandy and Mr. Whiskers, you know a lot of the old shows that they used to show, I don’t watch those shows now though since im older.”

  • That’s so cool that even though we lived across the globe from each other, we had an similar childhood. Before you go how is it at Garinger, have you made any friends?

“Yes, I met some very nice friendly people”

  • Aww that’s  good and it isn’t how us Wildcats pride on welcoming our new students.

With that being said wildcats let’s do better a job in welcoming our new students and future students.



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