Interested in learning and being around Hispanic culture? Join LASA! The Latin american student association was started last year in 2013 and has been continued on to this year with administrators Ms. Castillo and Ms. Aranda, Castillo being with LASA for 2 years now.  LASA is formed of about 11 people, recently adding 2 new members and ready for more! From going on field trips to Hispanic influenced art gallery’s, or planning school event’s such as the poster hung up in the atrium with peoples hand outlines and sentences written inside of them saying why they are thankful for their heritage. “Anyone is welcomed to join LASA. Just because Latino american is in the name doesn’t mean you have to be to join.” said Destiny Castro, current LASA member. “I needed to make sure Latinos are represented at this school.” Castillo states after asking why she is helping with this club again this year. “Last year I worked with Ms. Carvajal, we were co-advisers. It was a positive experience because I was able to meet students I otherwise would not be able to teach.”  LASA is a fun and accepting club if anyone want’s to join, they meet Tuesdays after school.