Dr.Oz and Health Corps

Dr.Oz and Health Corps student from Garinger and West Meck High School on October 9th, 2014 in Downtown Mooresville at the Epic Restaurant.

Dr. Oz and Health Corps students from Garinger and West Mecklenburg High School on October 9th, 2014at the Epic Restaurant in downtown Mooresville. Courtesy Of Latisha Williams

By Jillian Dozier

Ten students involved in Health Corps at Garinger High School traveled to Mooresville Oct. 9 to meet with the founder of the organization, which is none other than the intelligent Dr. Oz.
Dr. Oz is a cardiothoracic surgeon at Columbia University. He created Health Corps to respond to the obesity crisis through school based education, peer mentoring and community outreach.
While in Mooresville, theĀ  Health Corps students attended an assembly at Mooresville High School where Dr.Oz spoke and answered questions. They then went to Epic, which is a restaurant in downtown Mooresville. There they met up with Dr. Oz and had lunch with him. There were also multiple other activities the Health Corps students participated in that day they dealt with staying active and healthy, such as a health fair and a walk. It was a fun and healthy day for the club members and a memorable experience.


One thought on “Dr.Oz and Health Corps

  1. It was a pleasure to be able to take this group of bright students to participate in a day of Health. The Health and Wellness of our youth is something that I am passionate about and being able to work with HealthCorps and uphold the vision of Dr. Oz and his wife Mrs. Lisa Oz is a bonus. I am thrilled about the opportunities the students have to learn and grow in all aspects of their personal wellness. If you would like more information stop by my office (300C) or visit the HealthCorps website! Be Well!!


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