Winter Showcase


By: Areanna Townsend


CHARLOTTE (Garinger High School)– Got Talent? Well Garinger does! There will be a winter concert on Dec. 18,2014 held here at Garinger! The admission fee is $2 for everyone 12 and up. There will also be a RAFFLE! The performance will take place in the auditorium. Band Directer Alan Sturdivant and director of the music department shared in an interview that the  importance of this event is to showcase the talent of the students at Garinger. The entire performing arts department of Garinger which includes the dance classes, the Garinger band, and the Garinger gospel choir will all be involved in this event! “They’re hitting their stride now”, says Sturdivant excitingly! He explains the joy he finds in looking at the progress of the students and also his goal to change conclusive mindsets by encouraging students to love what they do and express their talent! A few students were asked how the event has impacted them. Dance member Mayia says,” I’m looking forward to showcasing my creative side.” Also she believes that when people leave the performance, “they will leave uplifted!” Gospel choir member To’Brea says,” I like singing and the choir gives me a place to express!” She also says that her favorite song that the choir sings is “Now Behold the Lamb.” So everyone come out and share the fun, sing and dance along, and share the ARTS!


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