90-year-old arrested for feeding homeless: What do you think?


6 thoughts on “90-year-old arrested for feeding homeless: What do you think?

  1. I think it is a terrible thing to ban feeding the homeless. I feel as if, if we as people have the opportunity to help one another we should jump on the chance with no hesitations. To ban something so helpful and efficient to society is to me something that should be looked down on! I hope that maybe officials and those who feed the homeless can come to an agreement and find a way to help one another while abiding by the law. Lastly i believe feeding the homeless is a beautiful gesture and it shouldn’t be banned!

    Love, Areanna T.


  2. Arnold Abbout was trying to help his neighbors, who have no home, no money, and no food. The city is trying t solve the homelessness problem, but nothing changes. The homeless is still homeless. The homeless is still hungry. Homeless can live today thanks to Abbout. He cooks several dishes everyday to help the homeless survive. He does what the city cannot, and it makes them embarrassed about the problem they cannot solve.


  3. I think that he should not be arrested because they run all these organizations for the homeless and now they made a law that we as citizens cant feed them in public. it’s not fair to the homeless citizens. they need to eat.It’s serious they might not have money to buy things but they are human to. homeless citizens have to right to whenever and where ever they please or need to.


  4. Its to be expected, there are a few good people left in the world that want to do something good.But how can someone try when all the police want to is arrest them? If homeless people had more support and help to get back on their feet( even it just starts with a simple meal) then why would the law interfere with that ? were ONE nation…ONE country so we should help one another.He did nothing wrong and not to mention hes 90 so you cant really expect him to fully understand.Either way the fact that he even tried to help should count for something !


  5. I think this is a very interesting story. I honestly think you should be able to feed the homeless. In the bible it says help your neighbors. Also, feeding the homeless is a good deed so shouldnt be looked at as a crime. Then again i see where they are coming from. Feeding the homeless, if not done properly could be unsanitary and unhealthy.


  6. I think arresting a man doing a good deed is stupid and pointless. I really dont see why they would make a law against feeding the homeless in a public setting.The homeless are helpless, hungry, and thirsty so why not use your time wisley to help those in need. The Bible even mentions that is your brother is hungry feed him, if he is thirsty give him something to drink. The government is always talking about ending world hunger, so if thats the case then why are you posing a law against that? Feeding the homeless is community service, Its not like they are asking to get paid. They are doing it willingly so why make a big issue out of it?

    Yours Truly, Mayia C. Portee


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