Tatiana J. Kankienza: Executive President

Tatiana Kankienza is running for Executive President

Tatiana Kankienza is running for Executive President

Tatiana J. Kankienza is running for Executive President.

Q: Have you been involved in student government before? If so, how?

A: Yes, I was the Junior class student body president last year.

Q: Why do you want to be elected to student government?

A: I want to be elected into student government because I am a great leader and I know by stepping out and leading people more great leaders will come out of their shell.

Q: How will you reach out and represent ALL students?

A: To represent ALL students, I will try my best to accept all ideas, and incorporate them to make everyone happy.

Q: What is the advantage of electing you?

A: The advantage of electing me is that I will remain hands on with every task at hand. I will see that things get done.

Q: How much time (in hours) are you able to devote to your elected office?

A: I am available anytime of the week. (2:30-8 p.m.)

Q: How do you think you can help students academically?

A: Being part of the National Honor Society, I can get each member to come together and mentor/aid students that need help on a particular subject, myself included.

Q: What changes would you like to make?

A: I would like to change the students’ school spirit. Garinger students lack in a hype amount of school spirit, I want them to get more involved and know that at Garinger, we’re a family.

Q: How would you go about making those changes?

A: We could have, “Whose got the most school spirit” contests, and provide prizes. We could do this once a month.



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