‘Dear Mama’


  • How do relationships impact daily life?
  • What makes you happy to be in a relationship?

Relationships are sort of the fun in being human. Regardless of what type of relationship is created, it is a huge interest in society. Studies show that relationships are essential in life, the reason why relationships are important is because they help build emotions and our social communications with people.

Personally what makes me happy to be in a relationship is knowing that someone truly cares for me, also I love to have a honestly great time with the person I like. It is exciting to feel the love of someone, many times I find myself smiling and blushing just at the thought of it! I believe that as people we enjoy affection and for people to be concerned for us. In many cases the best thing for me is just a simple “hello, how are you?” These simple words lets you know the person cares enough to ask how you are, and respectful enough to listen!


Sincerely; Mama


One thought on “‘Dear Mama’

  1. I understand and agree with what you are saying but how do you know when someone really cares? A stranger could come up to you and ask how you are and they honestly do not care.


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