Get Lost In Poetry Paradise

Are you exploding with creativity? Can you put those feelings on paper? Poetry is written to express and relieve strong emotions.Its a song from your heart written on paper.It is written to describe the most important things in a persons life.

I write poetry because it makes me feel good. It gives me a chance to express my true feelings and pour out my thoughts without fear of judgement. I can be myself when I write. I can be as creative as I want to be. When I write I get lost in a world with end less possibilities. In this world my creativity overflows and my opinions do matter. I make the rules. What I say goes and I control every aspect in this world. Poetry is better than physical communication because instead of struggling to say how I feel I can express it silently on paper but still have that big effect.

If you love poetry as much as I do  sent your thoughts to The Rambler.

-Brittany Caldwell


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