College bound, College ready

By Maralyn Cruz-Ramirez

Are you looking to have a head start on college without having to pay any tuition? Career and College promise is the way to go! Juniors and seniors have begun registering on Friday, Septmeber 12 in the cafeteria with Ms. Bell. Career and College promise is a easy and stress free process without any frustration. This program ensures that you get a class that can either transfer credits to a 4 year university, or a class that will simply just benefit you with a head start knowledge in a career you might seek interest for in the future.

There’s absolutely no money involved, so why not take advantage of an amazing opportunity that’s only going to be availbale during your junior and senior year in High school. We have to be smart and take action of our future, especially if we want to be succesful in life. Registration is still going on in the cafeteria during lunches with Ms. Bell. Do not let this opportunity slip through your fingers! Let’s be College bound and College ready!


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