Education: Mexico vs. United States

By Jazmin Perez

Education is an important aspect in most countries; Mexico and the United States are no different. However, there are many differences between the educational systems of the United States and Mexico.

Poverty is a serious problem in Mexico that affects education, as students begin to work early to help their families which makes hundreds of teenagers leave school without complete basic studies.

Instead, the government of the United States has a higher education and a more stable economy than Mexico. Therefore more schools provide support programs such as school breakfast and school buses.

Schools in Mexico do not offer these due to lack of interest because the government spends money on other things and lets education aside.

Mexico’s future necessarily involves education. United States succeeded, what has been achieved thanks to those who have invested in this area and made it the priority. Education in Mexico is not looking toward for the future, and it does not promote change in current and future generations.

In my opinion, education in Mexico and in the United States is very different as the United States has the budget to cover all the resources needed while Mexico does not invest in education.

But I found a big problem in what I studied in both countries – students do not take advantage that teachers are making things easier. They give us information material to perform the tasks, and we still do not comply with it.

In Mexico the teachers have a different way of working, because it works by competencies. The student has to find the information, and take the most important to work with your task.

In conclusion, education should be taken as the main task for the future, and this we must start with ourselves, with or without the resources.


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