Nepali Culture, Customs and Religion

By Nisha

Nepal is small landlocked country, which is situated between india and china. It was known as a

samll country but with that small country there are three types of region it’s called

Hilly,Himalayan and terai region. There is no any changes on people’s activities because they are

very poor and innocent. They keep fear of community people. In our custom the girls rule is

very different by comparing with the other country. Girls must have to inform at home to go

somewhere else. Girls do not allow to sleep others house and also not allow to wear short cloth

by show their body.

Most of the people have their own culture and traditional

dress they should have to wear longer than knees.  If they find little negative facts of girls then

the neighbor and the community of people will backbiting of them and criticize their

family. Girls don’t allow to hold hand with boys if they saw then they think bad on their

character even they are in right track. The decision of marriage for girls will do by their parents.

Their parents will arranging from both boys and girls and they will pre-arranged marriage for

them. In our culture also we have our own caste language speak.

we follow our own religion and custom, which our four father were

celebrated from before generation. There are two types of festival which is called Dasara

(Dashian) and diwali. In Dashain we celebrates 5 days by enjoying with family and relatives

together. we put dab of color on forehead from elder person and get blessing from them.

Diwali comes after 15 days of dashain. Diwali (the festival of light) is the most plesant and

different than  the dashain, in diwali people from my country celebrate for 3 days at first day of

diwali we worship  to cow and at night of three days we celebrates whole night by singing,

dancing by going individual house. They give some money and food in the last day of diwali they

celebrate to the married womens relatives from her parents side and to the brothers by putting

dab of 7 color on the forehead.  they decorate the hosue beautiful and clean, at night we feel

like the world is full of bright because all of the people in individual house they ignite the candle

and different color of light, oil lamp out side of house.

Some of the people they are follow the cristian  culture

and they does not celebrate the nepali culture at all.for farmer this hindu festival is very

important to them because  on that season many different kind of pants gorws and

environmrnt will seems so good. Farmers people they work Whole time in the field for

food and shelter to keep their family happy they plant by themselves and they will be happy on

what they have.








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