Nepali Culture Custom and Festival

By, Tanka Dhimal

Nepal is a one of the smallest country in this world but it was the rich of much culture,

custom religion and festival. Culture, custom, and traditions are totally different then others

Country. There are several festivals which we all celebrate now, also that festival was influents

by our grandparents who they have been passed away already but then it’s on with us now.

most of the people from my country they are not follow the same culture which was followed

by their grandparents.

There are two festival which they are really important and interesting which we

called (dashain) and (diwali). The reason we celebrate dashain is like it is the celebration of

victory of good over evil. This festival symbolize that good always prove more powerful over

bad. We celebrate dashain, because it has its own story, but I don’t have a idea about the story.

When I was a little my parents used to tell me about the story and it was regarded as victory of

truth over the evil. This festival reminds us every year that the evil may be strong for a time, the

truth and good will always success over it. This festival is held just after the season of harvest

all farmers will be happy and most of the households are filled up with the rice and grain. The

rice and curd is used by nepali people because we have those thing on that season to make it

colorful, by mixed with color and put it up on our forehead. We put that on our forehead because

it represent that if our parents, grandparents and whoever the relatives who are older then we

they put that on our forehead because they give blessing for a long life and upcoming future. To

get a blessing from the older person all most all of the Nepal people whoever are in wherever

they live, but they try to reach to every relatives home to celebrate by gathering.

There is another most important and special festival which we call as

(Diwali) the festival of light. Diwali is the second biggest festival which will comes 15 days after

the dashain and it was last for five days and people from my country worship laxmi- the

goddess of wealth. Most of the entire house are cleaned and decorated with the belief of the

goddess laxmi will enter in the house of that person house which was cleanest. people lit

candles, oil lamps and many other types of light and whole places look bright. on this festival

we will do lot of interesting thing that none of the other countries did except india. This festival

is followed in many parts of india too, but its little different on the way they celebrate and its

little different way that we celebrate . not all of the people in my country follow this festival

most of them are Christian too and just as Christians regard Christmas as a special and

important holiday, diwali is a festival that has as much meaning for Hindus people. On this festival

People start the new business year at Diwali, and some people will say prayers to the goddess for a

successful year, so in belief of that all of the people from my country they start to do a good thing on

that 5 days festival by the hoping of that goddess will listen their voice.  there is the one long story

which was come from our grandparents, but we still follow the same thing. my mom used to say me the

reason of celebration of this festival when it was the day before the festival. On this festival all of the

sister from their own house they pray for their brother’s long life and bless for their upcoming future

that’s why we celebrate our culture and religion.


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