Mr. Ford helps students soar

By Giovanni Rosa and Kimberly Monge  ⁄  The Rambler

Mr. Ford, after learning he is a finalist for the  NC Teacher of the Year Award. Photo by Kimberly Monge
Mr. Ford, after learning he is a finalist for the NC Teacher of the Year Award.
Photo by Kimberly Monge

Mr. James Ford is a World History teacher, but not any kind of teacher.

Mr. Ford has a spark that makes students love his class.

He is a caring teacher who loves to help his students achieve their goals.

He is a teacher that loves his job, and he is good at what he does.

No wonder Mr. Ford has been named a finalist for the North Carolina Teacher of the Year Award.

When the award was announced during an assembly before winter break, he accepted the honor with tears in his eyes.  That day was a special day for Mr. Ford and for his family. “It was overwhelming,” he said. “And it was humbling too.”

He makes his history classes fun and interesting; he sometimes acts as the character while he is talking to his students or asks the question with added enthusiasm.  His classroom is well organized, and  his students are respectful, and listen to their teacher. The students in Mr. Ford’s class do not use profanity, use their electronics, or wear hats.

Two of his students from fourth block, Taveion Morris and Ahsia Rudd, recently commented about their teacher.

Taveion described him as funny and goofy, yet serious.

“I think Mr. Ford is a good teacher.  He motivates us in our life to do good things and for my future because he knows what he been through in life. He deserves it. He worked very hard. Overall, I think his personality can relate to us,” Taveion said.

“He is fun, cool, and knows what to do,” said Ahsia. “I think he deserves the award because he has been teaching for so long and he understands our problems when we need help,” she said.

Mr. Ford will not let anything stop him from fulfilling his dream of becoming a principal of his own school. He teaches because he loves to see his students grow as the slowly step forward into becoming the people they dream to be:  young men and women that will change the world, and make it a better place.

This dedicated teacher  always thinks about how to improve his teachinge, and he even does research on world history in his free time in order to help his students grow.

At the award assembly, he turned his focus to his students.

“ I know you guys are thinking I’m helping you out, but you guys don’t know how much I learn from you all. You guys inspired me, you guys make me get up to work every day.”


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