Pep-ing it up

By Dre’Quan Gibson


GibbyGaringer High School is having the first ever pep squad for the 2013-2014 basketball season. Coach Dixon and Coach Coley are the masters behind the whole thing. They plan on having a student section that’s only allowed for students that currently attend Garinger. These students will have to be rowdy and very school spirited; the section will be known as “The Cat Cage.”
Big changes are being made at Garinger,  such as the amazing new gym that was just remodeled, and the pep squad is a great tag-along. In my opinion, this is a good look for the school, a very good way to look past our bad reputation. Every school year comes with a fresh start and this is definitely a fresh one. I believe this is a very swell idea because this supports our basketball team to play their hearts out every game. It will encourage more students and teachers to come out and support our Wildcats, as well as make sure that visitors know that they have just left Garinger and that our students are die-hard fans.

Some people may say that a pep squad is not a good idea because it could cause chaos at the games.  The idea that some students may possibly get in a dispute with another school is not necessarily true because students are expected to be mature and handle themselves appropriately.
So, every Garinger high school student should come to at least one high school and scream their lungs out for the team!

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