Mr. Drye: the face at Garinger High School

By Dre’Quan Gibson

Garinger High School is on the rise and the man in charge on Wildcat territory is Mr. Mike Drye.

Garinger’s new principal had a long summer having to switch his leadership to a new school. Mr. Drye prepared to work at Garinger High by closing his job at Nathaniel Alexander.

Mr. Drye is certain on making changes for the school; he already started by adjusting the morning rotation. All students have to be in the quad area from 6:45-7:05. This helps the teacher get prepared to have a successful day with the students.

Mr. Drye also explained that during the summer he talked to as many staff that he could to find out about Garinger.

He even communicated with Garinger’s former principal Kondra Rattley.

But overall, he said “you will not know Garinger till the students arrive,” meaning a school is not a school without students.

When I asked Mr. Drye his thoughts on the students at Garinger, he smiled and said, “They are great.” He explained how polite and friendly they are.

During the interview, a student came up and introduces himself to Mr. Drye.

Principal Drye has big plans for Garinger high and really wants to see this school as a top performer academic wise. He wants to make sure the 4-year graduation rate is above 90%.

Mr. Drye will give his all for the staff and students that make up Garinger High School and will make sure 2013-2014 will be a great school year!

Meet Mr. Drye

Education: Bachelor of Arts, Appalachian State University

Married: Almost 24 years.

 Children: Elizabeth, 21; Kristina, 20; Danielle, 17; and Griffin, 15.

Teaching Experience: 6 years in middle school, 5 years in high school.

Favorite Food: Homegrown tomatoes

Where you’ll find him on a Saturday: Driving a bus for a band competition or working in his garden.

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