New keyhole garden

By MyKel Hardy
Ms. Mabe and a couple of volunteer students are building a keyhole garden in the 100 building courtyard.
People have been seen in the middle of the 100 building digging.  Students have never noticed it was the keyhole garden.
It is called a “keyhole” garden because of its similar shape to a keyhole to a door.
In the middle of the keyhole garden is the key hole where elevated growing style is presented, and it helps plants grow easier when there is not a lot of sunlight.
The keyhole garden will be made up of a couple main components. It will have vegetables for the school’s pantry, so students will actually be eating fresh fruits and vegetables from 100 building.
It will also be partly an outdoor classroom; the area will be available to teachers to bring their students so they can have class outside.  It will bring a new learning environment and students will have fun not being locked in a classroom for an hour and a half.
There will be a pond so that birds, fish and others animals will be able to hang out in their own natural environment and they might even lay their eggs and make it their home here at Garinger. The pond will begin with goldfish and later they will add other types of fish.
You may be asking what will actually be grown in the keyhole garden. Well, luckily I asked Ms. Mabe that exact question and the garden will be growing carrots, onions, broccoli, cabbage and other tasty veggies.
Another question I asked was what kind of wildlife this garden will bring to Garinger?

Ms. Mabe answered that it will bring different species of birds and insects.
Right now students have been putting in a lot of work farming and gardening around the school .I personally have seen students in the 100 building keyhole garden. While some students use this time to lounge around and get out of class, there are some steady contributors that want to make Garinger a better place and give this school a better reputation.

Traditonally Garinger has had a bad reputation but the garden is a way to bring positive press to us.
If you want to help on the new keyhole garden or just are at the school, head over to Ms. Mabes office in the 100 building.

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