Student IDs at Garinger

By Hydeia Wilfong

A new school year brings many new changes to Garinger High School including those of security.

Garinger high school and almost all other schools in CMS have issued a new policy requiring every student to carry an ID badge when on campus.

Assistant principal Terra Kennedy, of Garinger, says that “the purpose of the new ID policy is to ensure the safety and security on the Garinger High school campus for the approximate 1400 individuals on the campus daily.”

After the recent school shootings across the country, CMS wanted to take all the necessary precautions to prevent any violent situations from occurring at the schools, so along with the student ID badges, CMS will be adding more cameras to schools, changing to electronic locks, installing bi-directional amplifiers, and having a new visitor management system, all of which are part of the 19.3 million bond approved in 2007.

Staff at Garinger sees the student ID’s as being very beneficial, such as secretary  Mackey who says “it will be easier on security and help with students ditching.”

Many students think otherwise.

“There’s no reason for the ID’s, it’s a waste of plastic” said  student Nicki Fite when asked her opinion of the IDs.

Tenth grader Julio Campis  said “people will look at it and laugh.”

Regardless of what the students may think, Garinger administrators and the student council will be working together to find ways to make students wear the ID badges, like creating incentives to motivate students to follow this new policy.

These incentives include using the IDs to get discounts at the local movie theaters, discounts on local transportation, discounts on school games, early lunch, admission into the SAT, and pep rallies.


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