Soldier honors Garinger with a patriotic gift

By Kimberly Monge

David Breton and his fellow soldiers hold the flag in front of the helicopter in Afghanistan.
David Breton and his fellow soldiers hold the flag in front of the helicopter in Afghanistan.

A flag from more than 7,000 miles away was presented at Garinger on Friday, November 8, thanks to a Garinger teacher and her son.

Doreen Bourque, an OCS teacher, received a flag and a certificate from her son David Breton, who is in the Army National Guard and stationed in Afghanistan. The flag was flown at an American Army base in Jalalabad, Afghanistan for 1.1 hours on September 27, 2013.

David Breton is a mechanical engineer and a pilot in the army. David sent the flag to Garinger because he wanted to inspire students, especially in JROTC, to achieve their dreams and to show respect for his job and United States. He hopes it will be meaningful to those who want to join the army straight after they graduate from high school.

“Every young man and woman should see it and think about all the people
that came before them that made the choice to serve their country. I made the
decision while I was in high school and not a day goes by where I think back
to then and thank God for all that I have today,” Breton wrote in an email to his mother.

Why is Garinger receiving such an honor? Breton sent the flag to Ms.Bourque because he wants to show respect for her as a teacher at Garinger as well as a mother.

At 1 p.m.  Friday there was a tribute to veteran’s ceremony at the flag pole in front of the school. Mr. Cofield played the National Anthem, while JROTC cadets raised the flag. Captain Brown gave an overview about the importance of honoring the veterans. Each veteran was saluted while their name was announced.

Captain Brown presented the flag and Ms. Bourque presented the framed certificate to Principal Drye.   The certificate recognizes Garinger’s support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Principal Drye gave a speech about being grateful to receive two honorable gifts and appreciating the veterans serving our country. Lastly Captain Brown gave a closing remark.

“My son has served in Iraq and Afghanistan as well, and our flag represents that freedom isn’t free. There’s a cause. There’s an ultimate sacrifice that our young men and women put on the line everyday of their lives. So, freedom isn’t free,” said Captain Brown.

Ms. Bourque said that her son gift is a legacy that will inspire someone else who wants to join the army. She said when she sees the flag; she feels that her son is here on campus with her.

November 8 was a special day for David Breton because it happened to be his 36th birthday. It is the same day that we celebrated his gift to us.

“I’ve deployed three times now and sure it’s hard, but I think of my family and how I’ve paid for them and myself to live in our Country. I love my country and I serve to show it,” Breton wrote.

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