Tyri Rutland-Wilson: Executive Council Vice President

Q: What position do you want?

A: Executive council vice president.

Q: Have you been in Student Council before?

A: I have participated in student council for all three previous years of high school.

Q: Why do you want to be in Student Council?

A: I am a very innovative person and I always find it that my ideas are a great contribution when in student council.

Q: What inspired you to do this?

A:  The idea of being able to put my ideas together with other students’ to make something great!

Q: What is the advantage of electing you?

A: As the executive council vice president, I can assure the student body that I will work diligently to execute all reasonable wants and needs.

Q: What are your goals as a council member?

A: Generally, to serve as a liaison between students and officials as well as leading the student body while providing numerous opportunities.

Q: How do you think you can help the students academically?

A: Students deserve that one-on-one connection with their teachers; therefore I would try to implement extra tutoring sessions as well as more involvement with social networks for out-of-school communication.

Q: What changes would you like to make?

A: I would like to mend the communication bridge between students and officials, and provide more opportunities for students to offer up their ideas for future decisions. I would also like to plan a senior class trip!

Q: How would you go about making those changes?

A: First, I would hold meetings with the necessary officials to discuss what actions should be taken, then I would devote my time to take those actions and turn our wants into reality!

Q: How will you get people to elect you? (How would you campaign?)

A: Social network, posters, and simply letting the students know why I am the perfect candidate for the job!


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