Nadazia Price: Freshman Vice President

Q: What position do you want?

A: I want to be vice president.

Q: Have you been in Student Council before?

A: No, I have not been in council before.

Q: Why do you want to be in Student Council?

A: I want to be in student government because I believe I can help make a difference.

Q: What inspired you to do this?

A: My family and school inspired me to do this.

Q: What is the advantage of electing you?

A: The advantage of electing me is that ninth grade will have a smart and great leader.

Q: What are your goals as a council member?

A:  My goals for student council are to make education and helping others fun and to encourage other people to do the right thing.

Q: How do you think you can help the students academically?

A: I think I could help students academically by having tutorials or study hall to help students get help they need.

Q: What changes would you like to make?

A: I would like to have field trips and  a concession stand, and raise money to donate to a breast cancer foundation. Have more pep rallies and help the poor.

Q: How would you go about making those changes?

A: I will make more changes by having fundraisers to raise money and raffles.

Q: How will you get people to elect you? (How would you campaign?)

A: I will get people to elect me by hanging up posters, giving out candy, telling people my ideas and plans.


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