Dre’Quan Gibson: Senior Class President


Q: What position do you want?
A:  Senior class president.
Q: Have you been in Student Council before?
A: No, I have not, but in the 8th grade, I was the class leader at Marie G. Davis.
Q: Why do you want to be in Student Council?
A: I want to be in student council because it will help me increase my leadership skills and help me get more involved with my peers thoughts, wants and issues here around Garinger High School.
Q: What inspired you to do this?
A: My peers.  Peers need people’s voices and that is why I am running.
Q: What is the advantage of electing you?
A: An advantage of electing me is making the students feel comfortable around Garinger –  letting them know we are one big family here at this school and that their issues matter to me.
Q: What are your goals as a council member?
A: My goal as a council member is to work hard with other council members to make sure 2013-2014 is a great school year, to make sure it is successful in academics and more.
Q: How do you think you can help the students academically?
A: By pushing students to take control of their learning. Make it to the point where it is the best for you. I would love to see a very high passing rate for Garinger High School and a higher graduation rate.
Q: What changes would you like to make?
A:  As of right now, there is not so much I would change. I will try to fight for a change with the morning process, because the quad area is cool and all but there are students who have to ask teachers questions in the morning or something. In my opinion that is too strict for high school students, making us sit in that one area.
Q: How would you go about making those changes?
A: Start a petition, have meetings with administrators about the situation, anything that I feel is useful to help.
Q: How will you get people to elect you? (How will you campaign?)
A: Promotion, Promotion, Promotion! It is all about socializing with EVERYONE. Letting people know that I am a good fit for the job and I will fight for any troubles they are having.

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