Montagnard’s struggling life

By Diu Romah

The Montagnard people of Vietnam are the people who live in the mountains, which is why the French called them “mountain people.”  They live in Vietnam’s Central Highlands.

Montagnard includes five languages: Jrai, Rhade, Mnong, Koho and Bahnar. Their traditions are the same, except they are different languages.  They are all having different struggles through life; it is like part of their survival. Vietnamese people are the people who have a better life. They live in a richer way, which is why the Montagnard people work for them and earn enough  money to get food.

A Montagnard teen’s life is very different from the teen’s life in the United States. Teens struggle through school and jobs. They do not have enough food; all they have are  potatoes and rice. Their parents  have to work for Vietnamese people to get meals for their if their kids go to school.

Some of the parents die young and early because they can’t handle working too much with not enough food. Some kids go to work by helping their parents grow crops. Teenagers who do go to school often do not have enough money to pay for their supplies. Some teenagers’ parents end up not letting their kids go to school; they just want their kids to work and be able to have their own money.

Teens in the United States have a better life than teens there. Teens that are born in the United States act a lot cooler, and very differently than teens back there.

They go to school, but then they have free time. Here they stay busy by working and focusing on their school, but back there the teens don’t focus on their school or education – they just don’t care.

That is why many Montagnard people move to America. They were poor and their parents just wanted their kids to go to school and be able to have a good education, and be successful. Teens back there struggle more because even though they are young, they still have to work. In addition, they have to go around searching for food for their family to eat.

The school back there does not have as much stuff as in the United States. United States has calculators, but there the school does not provide any calculators and it is much harder, especially if they are in high school.

Some of the teens just don’t want to go to school. Kids can drop out of school at any age, it does not matter if you are young or not. In addition, it does not matter if they attend school at a higher age, they do not go by age as in the United States.

They also allow kids to drive before 18 years old. If you know how to drive, then you just have to drive, you do not have to get your permit and driver license.


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