Farewell & Welcome

By Kimberly Monge

kim1Farewell old Wildcats,

As we all know, our senior Wildcats from 2013 already have graduated. I would like to congratulate them for reaching their goals and succeeding from elementary through high school. Now they are independently making their own choices in life. I wish them the best of luck.

In addition, welcome back returning Wildcats!

We are coming back to a new year with new buildings, new teachers and new friends.

The most exciting part is all juniors from last year are now seniors and ready to graduate 2014. I wonder what we will do during senior year.

Will there be spirit week?

What will be the theme for prom?

Will we have senior week activities?

We should think ahead about our education by doing great in our classes and reaching our main goal: graduation.

Even fresh, new Wildcats coming in this year are welcome here at Garinger High School. Imagine that all the seniors are the kings and queens while the freshmen are the princes and princesses. It is our job to teach the prince and princesses how to behave and be respectful toward others. Meanwhile, as the princes and princesses grow stronger every year it will be their full responsibility to make their own decisions. As they become full grown kings and queens it will be their turn teach the new princes and princesses.

Finally, we should extend a special welcome to our new principal Michael Drye. We are glad to have you here at GHS and thank you for your support and patience on the first couple of days of school with attending to our class schedules and welcoming the freshman.


Wildcat Nation. Roaaar…