Life in Vietnam

By Khon Kosor and Hung Rocham

Have you ever stepped foot in Vietnam?
Vietnam is an eastern Asian country near the Pacific Ocean. Once you step your feet in Vietnam, you can visit beautiful places.

If you go into the villages, there are many tribes which are the native people in Vietnam. You can learn about their culture and how they live their lives.

The native people in Vietnam are called Montagnards, which means “mountain people.” In Vietnam, most people speak two languages, which is Jarai, the native language, and Vietnamese, which is the second language that we learn in school.

School in Vietnam is very different from the U.S. Most kids walk to school or ride bicycles. There are two different sessions of school, which are mornings (7-11 a.m.) and afternoons (1-4 p.m.)

We have recess during school time, but there is no free lunch in school. If you want food during school, either you bring it from home or buy in the small stores around the school.

Some of the teachers in Vietnam are very strict. We have to wear uniforms, but if your uniform is dirty or your hands are dirty the teacher will hit you with a long and thin stick.

In the villages, most kids do not have an education. Most Montagnards do not go to school because their parents cannot afford it, so they start working at an early age.

Life is hard in Vietnam but it is also a beautiful country to visit. Most kids enjoy their lives during night time. The moon is very bright. Most kids come out and play around midnight. They light up a fire and just enjoy their time. You can hear every sound. We let our dogs, chickens and other animals just run around. We get fresh water from a pond or river that is about 20 minutes or more from our home.

It so sad how kids in Vietnam miss out the opportunity of education and in the U.S people have free education and many don’t take advantage of it.

We should be happy what we have here because in other countries most people do not have what we have.

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