Will you graduate in June?

Jermaine Delph is working on his portfolio as part of the senior exit project. Photo by Miriam Pasquier

By Miriam Pasquier

The Senior Exit Project is one of the biggest requirements for seniors in order to graduate from high school.

Students start on their senior exit project their junior year, when they first decide on their topic and create a research paper. The research paper can only be 6-8 pages long and it must display intense research about their topic.

When juniors transition to their senior year they start working on creating a product based on what they learned in their research paper.

The product is the hardest part of the senior exit project. Most seniors stress over their product and speech presentation; it requires 15 hours of effort, which is shown and recorded in a log.

These products are then presented to a panel of judges who grade these products and decide whether or not the product is good enough to get a passing grade. The most nerve-wracking part of the presentation is knowing whether or not the judges like your product because their grade will determine whether or not you get to graduate in June.

A senior from Garinger, Pedro Navarro, presented his product last semester. His project was about crime rates in Charlotte. He created a Web site that showed the problem of the crime rate in Charlotte and offered various solutions.
He was very anxious and nervous to present, but once he got it over with it was the biggest relief in the world.
“Don’t be nervous, and it is easier than what people make it seem,” he said.

Another senior from Garinger, Jermaine Delph, is going to present his senior exit product next week. His product is about being able to start high school at a later time, such as 8 a.m.
He surveyed various students with the question, “ Would you like school to start at 8 a.m.?”
Obviously, students would prefer to start school at this time because it would give them a chance to sleep in.

If the senior exit project were to be removed as a graduation requirement, more students would actually be able to graduate.

Most students do not like this project and dread the moment that they become seniors because of this nerve-wracking requirement.