Garinger gives blood May 2

By Keonna Wilson


Community Blood Center came to Garinger High School on May 2.

Students registered in the auditorium then headed to a large donation truck to lie down to give blood. The blood drive ended at 1:30 p.m.
Students gave many reasons for donating blood. Danielle Polston said she planned to donate because her blood type can be used to help babies.
I spoke with Ms. Lenora Tibbs, one of the staff who works Community Blood Center.


Elizabeth Trujillo, a Garinger student, donating blood in the blood truck May 2. Photo by Malik Berginer

Q: Where does our blood go to?


Ms. Tibbs:  It stays  in the community and goes  to the local hospitals, for example,   Carolinas  Medical Center.


Q: What if you have a infection in your blood? Can you still donate?


Ms. Tibbs:  You cannot have any  diseases. You have to be healthy to donate blood.

Q: How do you get your blood to flow?

Ms. Tibbs: Being well hydrated.

Q:  Can you estimate about how many people have donated blood?

Ms. Tibbs: Garinger High School is close to three hundred pints since they started to  have drives.

Q: What is the reason for donating  blood?

Ms. Tibbs:  Giving back to the community, and since Garinger High School has a high African-American population,  we have the potential to help many Sickle Cell patients.

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