The Cultural Fair

Karina Cortez, left, and Ms. Perreras, right, performing at the Cultural Fair. Photo by Keonna Wilson

By Eric Salinas and Keonna Wilson

On March 28th the feel of success and enjoyment was present in the cultural fair.

A large crowd was attracted by the scent of the diverse types of food, vivid colors from different flags and music from different countries. The cultural fair is an event that started in 2012, at Garinger High School it has been arranged by Ms. Perreras.

This portrays the great cultural diversity that is present in our school.
Students and teachers that volunteered were a great part of this event. Many of them made expositions of the country they originated from or the country that they were interested in. Some people even brought some of the traditional food from their countries and they also wore some of the traditional clothing.

Attendees were able to learn new things from different countries.The event ended with the performances of some of the students who volunteered.


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