Seniors excited about prom

By Bridget Richards


The 2013 Garinger High School prom is going to be an eventful night, and seniors who plan to attend say they are excited as they get ready for Saturday night (May 4).
I recently surveyed Garinger students, asking them about how much they will plan on spending this year on prom.

I got several answers, most of them from girls, saying how expensive their hair and nails are going to cost. The girls who signed up for a free dress will get them from a sorority who donated dresses to our school.
Men’s tuxes, on the other hand, are much more expensive.
I also asked students what they thought about the $60 price of the tickets and the location.
A couple students liked the price and thought it was a reasonable one compared to other schools like East Mecklenburg high school, where tickets are $80 per person.
I also interviewed students on what they thought about the location of prom (Grand Central), and I got very positive feedback.
Students said they are very excited during these last couple of days before the dance, especially the seniors this year.


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