Movie Review: Gladiator

By Pedro Segundo
Gladiator is an impeccable work of art. It is a movie of such outstanding scope and masterful story-telling that it makes the storyline very classic and admirable. The movie takes us, the audience, on an extraordinary journey back to the coliseum in Rome, Italy.
Maximus (Russell Crowe) is a powerful general, adored and respected by the people, the men he leads in battle and unconditionally trusted by the aging emperor Marcus Aurelius (Richard Harris). After Aurelius chooses Maximus, over Commudus (Joaquin Phoenix), his son, as his successor, a power struggle breaks out between the two. Commodus kills Marcus Aurelius, before the senate hears of Maximus, and later Maximus’ own family. Maximus escapes, but is later captured, sold into slavery and becomes a Gladiator.
Through his bravery and perseverance, Maximus is sent to Rome, with his fellow Gladiators, to perform in front of Commodus. Because of his leadership and fighting skills he wins over the masses. Will Maximus manage to avenge Marcus Aurelius and his family or will it cost him his life?
Today, almost two thousand years later, we may not pay to see people fight each other to the death anymore but we pay them to pretend to do so in sports like boxing and wrestling. Little has changed.
Overall, this masterpiece of a movie looks back on an era of extreme power and reach. It describes what many people actually went through. Even though it’s historical fiction, it’s extremely accurate.